+ClearPlay  #EditedMovies  
As a note to ClearPlay, there are a few others out there that allow for edited playback: Mplayer EDL's [3]; powerDVD "remixes" which allows sharing via the MoovieLive website, and sharing via zipping [1], and supports blu-ray; zoomplayer max's "scene cuts" which allow sharing via their forum for it; http://code.google.com/p/movie-content-editor; XBMC support of EDL's, and also it can be made to do auto-edl creation [2]; sensible-cinema [4], which can provide edited playback and also experimentally do edits for online players like netflix instant, etc. Just as an FYI. Bye! [1]https://www.facebook.com/ClearplayFilterForum in the comments [2] http://brockhaymond.com/Software.html[3]http://www.oreillynet.com/sysadmin/blog/2005/06/make_your_own_phantom_edit_wit.html [4]https://github.com/rdp/sensible-cinema
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