Of boxes and stuff
Dear Google+ Developers,
your multi-column layout is growing on me (even though I felt like I had to patch a couple of things myself), and spreading certain posts over the entire width or height of the page is pretty awesome; especially with pictures and videos.

How about taking this a step further though, and giving us the ability to stretch individual 'cards' all over the page?
For instance, you see a video that looks interesting, and you want to watch it, but it's stuck in one of those small cards...
Now, of course you could just click the link and watch it in a new tab on the original video page... but the thing is... I don't want to leave G+ just to watch a video. Especially not when I've seen how neat it can work with a video spread out all over the page in its box.

So, how about adding a nice 'expand' icon we can click to spread that specific post/card across the entire page? Give us the ability to expand cards and blow them into our faces.
Make us love that new multi-column layout by giving us more control.

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