Fixing the Google+ CSS... again
So, Google decided to change the CSS classes of several elements in Google Plus.... again.... (and again... and again...)

Since I can't stand the tiny boxes that the GPlus designers seem to like, I had to fix it again...

I ended up with the following quick rewrite of my #CSS   #userstyle   overwrite:

@-moz-document domain("") {
/* FiX the notifications overlay; stretch that thin bastard up to 550px and stretch up the containing boxes */
#gbsfw, #gbsfw iframe {width: 550px!important;}
.l2a, .ob {width: inherit!important;}
.wOb {display: inherit!important;}
.yOb, .wOb {width: inherit!important;}
.U7b > div, .f2a {width: 100%!important;}
.H8b {padding: inherit!important;}

/* FiX the main stream's 2 column layout; stretch the stream up to the entire width of your screen, and the columns to half-width. */
*[guidedhelpid='streamcontent'] .Jea > div .Tc, *[guidedhelpid='streamcontent'] .Jea > div .jd, *[guidedhelpid='streamcontent'] .pc, *[guidedhelpid='streamcontent'] .Jea > div .ob {box-sizing: border-box!important;}
*[guidedhelpid='streamcontent'] .Jea > div {width: inherit!important; }
*[guidedhelpid='streamcontent'] .Jea > div .Tc, *[guidedhelpid='streamcontent'] .Jea > div .jd, *[guidedhelpid='streamcontent'] .Jea > div .ob {width: 50%!important;margin: auto auto;}
*[guidedhelpid='streamcontent'] .Jea > div > div { padding: 0.5em }
.be {padding: 0.5em;}

/* FiX the new post box */
*[guidedhelpid='streamcontent'] .pc {width: 100%!important; max-width: inherit;left: inherit!important;}
*[guidedhelpid='streamcontent'] .pc .cd {max-width: inherit!important;}
*[guidedhelpid='streamcontent'] .pc .ev, *[guidedhelpid='streamcontent'] .pc .uc {width: 100%!important;max-width:inherit!important;}
*[guidedhelpid='streamcontent'] .pc .Kb {width: 100%!important;max-width: inherit!important;padding-left: 2em;}
*[guidedhelpid='sharebox_chips_div'] {display: inline-block!important;}
*[guidedhelpid='shareboxcontrols'] {width: 100%!important;max-width: inherit!important;padding-right: 3em;}
*[guidedhelpid='streamcontent'] .pc .g-h-f-W {max-height: 20em;}
*[guidedhelpid='streamcontent'] .pc .g-h-f-k .g-h-f-W-jb {height: 20em;}
*[guidedhelpid='streamcontent'] .pc .Wf {max-width: inherit!important;}

/* FiX the dimensions of images and embedded media; stretch them up to 100% of the column width, while trying to keep the aspect ratio. Sadly this does upscale images that are smaller than new dimensions, which sucks for low resolution content...*/
.uo, .qh {
  width: inherit!important;
  height: inherit!important;
  max-width: inherit!important;
  max-height: inherit!important;
.uo img, .qh img { max-width: 100%!important; max-height: 500px!important; height: auto; width:auto!important; position: inherit!important;}

/* Auto-expand all posts */
.zm {max-height: inherit!important;}
/* Also hide the now useless button */
.zm ~ span[role='button'] {display: none;}

@-moz-document regexp(".+://\\d+") {
*[guidedhelpid='streamcontent'] .Jea > div { max-width: 1000px!important; }
.AAc > div {width: inherit!important;}

It's also on but I rarely actually update these...

Probably still some bugs in it, but at least I can browse my homestream in a broader format again...

#GPlusFeedback   #GooglePlusFeedback   #UIRedesign  

UPDATE: edited the style a bit more by adding a separate rule override for community pages.
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