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Mostly sharing this again because Google Local still doesn't offer direct links to Google Local reviews (or am I missing something +Google+ Help?) and I need something I can link to in an article. 

Kafé België is...
Another one of my favourite bars to enjoy a good beer as well as a good chat. I've marked the Food as excellent mostly because of their huge selection of beers from all over the world. They have about 20 beers from the tap as well as over a hundred more on bottle. The staff knows their beers and pours each beer in an appropriate glass and is willing to give you some suggestions regarding similar drinks or food that goes well with it. The food selection isn't as broad though, but apart from typical (Dutch) pub food such as deep friend snacks and a delicious garlic-buttered toastie with red onion (do give it a try!), they at least do serve proper dinner food as well. 

Menus vary often enough and are diverse, including flavourful vegetarian offers.  Unfortunately the pub is rather small, so during a hot day the outdoor terrace usually is too packed to find a spot, and if you are unlucky the few tables inside will be taken as well. Since the place is small, some of the tables are positioned near the entrance of the toilets; as a previous reviewer said: I would avoid those.  
While the rest of the establishment is clean and well maintained, the toilets are a bit of a let-down. On various occasions the paper towels and/or soap had run out, as well as the toilet floors being wet and/or dirty. (I'll spare you the details of the stall my fiancée used once, which showed clear signs that a previous occupant had been having her period..)
After notifying staff about it, they did clean it up though, but personally I feel that proprietors should keep a better eye on their bathrooms, however, I do realise these things can happen.

The atmosphere of the pub usually is very comfortable and interesting, with all sorts of people attending. If you are new in town, and want to meet new people, this is the place to be.  Looking for a quick bite to eat, or expanding your beer experience, be sure to visit this place and try out a couple of beers you haven't had before!

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