My ideal Home stream/feed
With +Google+ now introducing +1'ed this post to everyone's streams, without an ability to turn it off through settings.
Yes, I can prevent my +1 activity from showing up in people's streams, but I can't control whose +1 activity shows up in my stream, because the Volume circle setting (previously the 'volume slider') does not differentiate between +1 activity and regular shares/posts.

So, dear +Google+ Developers, how about giving us more control over what we see in our stream instead?

My ideal level of control?
On my Home Stream (or any stream, really), I'd like toggles for:
- Community posts
- +1 activity
- Original content ('regular' shares)
- Re-shared content
- Photos
- Links

These toggles would hide/show content based on whether they match any of these content types.

For each circle and community I would like to have sliders for each of those content types as well, to control how much of each sort of content I'd like to see from each of my circles.

Alternatively you could give us the CSS class names that are used to indicate every type of post, so we can build our own content control systems.

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