+Google+ Developers, will you please fix the YouTube integration with G+?
Whenever I publicly +1 a video through the YouTube interface, or Share a playlist/video through the integrated G+/YouTube player, the text I write as a post/description for it, will no longer be available for editing afterwards.

For instance, if I try to edit my post at https://plus.google.com/112064652966583500522/posts/KvFKGfMNaTi the textarea will be empty, instead of showing the text I had previously written while submitting it through YouTube.

Update: Seems it is only an issue when the post is added to my stream through the ajax update. If I manually refresh the page, the post's contents is made available through editing. So, I guess I could refresh if I spot a typo I want to fix, but I'd still appreciate it if the integration could be improved so these workarounds aren't necessary.

This has been an issue for as long as the integration is available as far as I know. I've tried reporting it once or twice now through the Send Feedback overlay, as well as tried bringing it to your attention through posts like these, but it still isn't fixed...
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