Lots of (American) beers at the BeerTemple, Amsterdam
+Siw Falch and I visited a couple of different pubs while she was spending her vacation in the Netherlands again. On the first night, we paid a visit to the Beer Temple (www.BeerTemple.nl) in Amsterdam One of the reasons for visiting this bar was the wide variety of American beers, so I could hopefully try a few of the stouts that +Steve Restless had recommended to me.

Unfortunately the one I really wanted to try (Southern Tier Crème Brûlee Stout [1]) was waaay too expensive (something like 20 euro for a 22 US floz / ~65 cl bottle), but luckily they had a wide variety of other beers that were more affordable.

I ended up going for Southern Tier's 2x Stout [2] and Musketeers / Arbor Brewing Company's Mundus Vetus [3], while +Siw Falch had a Left Hand Brewing Company's Black Jack Porter [4] and a +BrewDog's Dead Pony Club [5] instead.

The woman behind the bar was friendly and knowledgeable, and the atmosphere was cozy, though I kinda prefer the decorations of for instance Kafé België instead. Overall the prices are reasonable, though there are some really expensive ones on the list as well; probably due to low production volumes and high import costs overseas.

* Footnote links:*
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