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Filip H.F. “FiXato” Slagter
Works at FiXato Software Development
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Spoilers, Sweety
Note to self, stay off G+ till I've seen the latest Doctor Who episode... All the anigifs and videostills kinda spoil too much ;p
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Happy birthday!
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Glow my pretty rod
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living cave man style? :))
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Tearable Pun
Why is Scrooge McDuck so rich?
He learnt to put everything on his bill.
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What do the tax man and a duck have in common?
They can both stick their bills up their ass.
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Winner of Revision 2014: a very colourful Atari VCS 2600 demo
It's been a while since I posted something #demoscene related, so today I'm sharing this very colourful and smoothly running #Atari demo with you. There's even something in it for #Amiga and #Commodore64 fans.

Video published on youtube on 22 Apr 2014 by MEGA - Museum of Electronic Games & Art.
ATARI VCS 2600 Demo by #XAYAX. It achieved 1st place at Revision 2014 easter party in the oldschool demo competition.

Code: #SvOlli
Music: #Skyrunner
Graphics: #Deft, #Titus, #Veto, #SvOlli

A 32/30k ROM using F8SC bankswitching (PAL)

#RevisionDemoparty #Revision2014
As you know, the Atari VCS 2600 has been (and is) an iconic video computer system. Compared to more modern systems like the Amiga or even the C64 it was rather limited. However, great software has been written for. This week we have demo for you that will blow your mind!
The video capabilities of the 2600's video chip "Stella" were quite limited - there was no frame buffer, as memory was prohibitively expensive at those days. The video chip had 40 bit of resolution for a video line - and it had to be programmed anew for each video line! I.e. using CPU cycle counting the video chip registers are being manipulated at the right time, sometimes in the middle of the video line, to get the right effects.

This makes it even more amazing what XAYAX has done with this very machine. See the demo [1] and be blown away!

To learn more about the 2600 video chip, see the visual6502 pages [2] and look at slides 39+ of their presentation [3]. A good programmer's view of the video chip is presented in Warren Robinett's discussion of his best-selling title "Adventure" for the Atari 2600 [4,5].

Below we have more information on programming, even including links to the schematics of the Stella video chip [6,7,8]. The Ultimate Talk on 28C3 gives a great overview on the VCS, the history, the games and technology [9]. Of course we have already covered the 2600 in other posts [10-16].

The demo mentions that "no illegal instructions [were] used in this demo". In this time it was common to use "illegal" instructions of the 6502 processor core to get a better timing. The 6502 logic had "undefined" opcodes, but clever programmers had found out that these instructions did not do nothing, but, due to incomplete decoding logic, sometimes combined the effects of two other opcodes for example. One example is LAX, which loads the Accumulator and the X register at the same time, a feature not available as "legal" opcode. These illegal opcodes were only available in the NMOS versions, and were removed in the later CMOS versions. Because illegal opcodes can make the code more efficient, it is even more amazing, that the demo did not use any!

So, after watching the demo, what do you think about the achievement?

[1] Demo XAYAX - Bang! (ATARI VCS 2600 demo)



2600 schematics

2600 programming

The ultimate 2600 talk
[9] The Atari 2600 Video Computer System: The Ultimate Talk [28C3]

Our posts:


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Vacant Mind
This house seems to be longing for some company.
Photo taken with my Sony Xperia Z1 during a walk in #Saltdal, #Salten, #Nordland, #Norway. I post-processed it on my tablet with Google's Photos app.

#NaturePhotography #LandscapePhotography #NorwayPhotography #ExploringSaltdal #ExploringSalten
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The deeper you go the more there are. I'm past the point of no return and I, for one, welcome our new #tedscousins  overlords ;)
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I want to punch you so badly...
I rarely share these kinds of funny pictures, as I feel it would turn G+ too much into a Facebook or imgur, but this one had me laughing out loud. ;)

#Funny #Posters
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Have him in circles
1,920 people
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Various pictures from Saltdal
Most of these were posted last week already :)
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Yup. All the fun things have a huge Norway tax there.
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boiling water in a paper cup
For science!
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Bonsoir filip oui c pas connu man langage
C de berbère c le 12 janvier le nouvel an 2965 il s'appelle yenneyer 
 ·  Translate
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Memorial Monument
Because wars have victims on all sides, this monument is located at the German war cemetery for the Germans who died during #WorldWar2 in Northern Norway.
The cemetery is located next to #Vatnfjellet in #Saltdal, #Salten, #Nordland, #Norway, close to the Yugoslavian war cemetery.

For more photos from this area, see #ExploringSaltdal
If you'd rather see more from the entire district, check out #ExploringSalten

#wargraves #cemeteryPhotography #WarMonuments #NorwayPhotography
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Panoramic view of Saltdal
Taken in #Saltdal, #Salten, #Nordland, #Norway using my Sony Xperia Z1's swipe panorama function.
This is along the path to the Saltdal #kvernsteinsbrudd (millstone quarry)

#NaturePhotography #NorwayPhotography
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Thanks :)
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Single Album Post or Multiple Single Photo Posts?
When I'm out taking photographs, I tend to take quite a bunch of photographs, which I try to trim down to relatively small album.
Knowing the attention-span of the average netizen, I'm always wondering if posting the entire album is actually worth it, or if just highlighting a couple of the photographs in posts of their own, would be a better solution?

What's your take on this? Do you prefer to post albums, or single shots? Do you prefer to browse through entire albums to get the 'entire story' (or would you rather have one of those new fancy Story posts?), or rather see a single big photograph in a single post?
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Yeah, maybe. I've done it before with some of the #ExploringBodø posts. :)

Thanks for the feedback :)
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Capture me: I need the royalties
This photograph of our cat Shiva is just begging to be captioned. :)

#Caturday   #CaptionThis  
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Kiss the paw....... 
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Have him in circles
1,920 people
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Software Developer
Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, HTML5, CSS3, xhtml, Shell/Bash scripting, Python
  • FiXato Software Development
    Software Developer / Founder, 2014 - present
    Developing web-oriented software by commission as well as planning to offer Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. Offering consultancy regarding possible software solutions, as well as providing hosting for clients.
  • yoMedia
    (Ruby) Developer, 2006 - 2009
  • Networking4All
    PHP Developer, 2010 - 2010
  • Spaarnwoude Resort, location "Het Buitenhuis"
    waiter and bartender, 2000 - 2006
FiXato, open source developer, IRC enthusiast, devoted nitpicker.
I'm Filip H.F. "FiXato" Slagter, a Software Developer born and raised in the Netherlands. My favourite language to develop in is Ruby, but I'm always willing to pick up new languages.

If you want to include me in a publicly shared circle, please send me a message first, as I'm not that fond of being mass-circled like that. I prefer people to consciously add me to their circles, rather than being part of a list of dozens to hundreds of other people.

Don't even bother inviting me to religious or political communities.
I have no interest in religion or politics; they usually are equally obnoxious. Please let me be the agnostic I love to be.
If we don't regularly interact on posts, or when I haven't circled you, don't even bother inviting me to a community at all.

Professional life
My last long-term corporate employment was at yoMedia where I did backend development in Ruby, using various open source projects such as Git, FFmpeg, ImageMagick and Rails. Afterwards I worked briefly for the Dutch ISP Networking4All implementing EPP using PHP
For now I am self-employed, looking for opportunities to make the lives of people easier.

Open Source Contributions
I also like experimenting with other programming languages, such as Python, which has resulted in for instance open source WeeChat scripts which help automate tasks in my favourite IRC client.

Contributing to open source software projects is something I aspire to do. An overview of some of my contributions and personal side projects is available at my GitHub page, and my 'gist' scripts list

Personal life
My interests vary from time to time, but retro computers, photography, poetry and digital arts often surface. I love taking my camera outside and capturing things I see. It's part of sharing my view on the world with whomever is interested.

I prefer the nocturnal life most of the time, but can also enjoy bright sunny days. I'm also a fan of science fiction, in particular the TV shows Doctor Who and Star Trek.

  • I am a native Dutch speaker and I consider myself to be fluent in English

  • I am also working on broadening my knowledge of the Norwegian language due to moving to the fair city of Bodø, high up in Norway because of my long-term relationship with Siw Falch.
    Because of this, I have followed the Norwegian language courses "Noors 1-3" at the Volks Universiteit Velsenwhere it was taught by Mrs. Yvonne Vermeulen, which gave me a nice basis. I am currently trying to improve my vocabulary through self-study.

  • I also had to take up German and French while in high school. However, I rarely use these languages, so I can't do more than read simple articles written in either of them, or order a nice glass of Bier or bière. I do kind of appreciate being taught these languages though, as they do help understanding various other languages in the same family.

  • While I attended the Graphical Media Technology study in Rotterdam, I also took up a semester of Japanese, but sadly I've forgotten most of it.
Bragging rights
3rd place in regional Kunstbende art competition years ago. Also part of the G+ community when it still was invite-only. ;-)
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November 20
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Filip H.F. "FiXato" Slagter, Filip H.F. Slagter, Filip Slagter, FiXato, FiX, ┓┏ 凵 =╱⊿┌┬┐
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