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Filip H.F. “FiXato” Slagter
FiXato, open source developer, IRC enthusiast, devoted nitpicker.
FiXato, open source developer, IRC enthusiast, devoted nitpicker.


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Other Social Network Presences:
With Google+'s imminent shutdown¹ (April 2019), it's time to light a #SignalFlare ² and share links to other social networks I have some form of online presence at.

My primary online profile will always be available from: This currently links to my Google+ profile, but in the future will either link to an overview page, or probably to my #Mastodon account.

#Mastodon ³ is an #ActivityPub-based #decentralized #shortform status updates network similar to Twitter, though with a more pleasant atmosphere and an increased status message length of 500 characters. Currently this is the place (apart from G+) where I'm the most active.
Profile page:

#Diaspora ⁴ is a #decentralised #longform status/blog updates network similar to Google+ with a wide variety of instances (called 'pods'). Years ago I picked the pod, and while I haven't really posted actively there, I still have an account there, which might see more activity after Google+'s demise.
It uses its own 'diaspora' protocol.
Profile page:

#Friendica ⁵ is a #longform social network that places itself in between the #Fediverse (Mastodon, GNU Social, pleroma, et al) and #Federation (Diaspora, Socialhome, et al), allows communication between both.
I recently created a profile there to test it out, but since most of my free time goes into developing #PlexodusTools ⁶, I haven't had time to use it more actively.
Its interface and feature set appeals to me though, especially since it allows for communication with both the Fediverse and the Federation.
I've picked the Libranet instance:
Profile page:

While #GitHub ⁷ is not really a social media network, but rather a #development publication platform based around the #git #VCS (Version-Control-System), it is a good place to keep up to date with the projects I'm involved in.
Username: FiXato
Profile page:

#Steam ⁸ is an online game store which also offers limited social network aspects such as chat and leaving messages on one's wall. Not really active much atm, but if I know you well enough, feel free to send me a friend request.
Username: FiXato
Profile page:

#Blogger ⁹ (also known as #Blogspot in some territories) is Google's blogging platform.
I have 2 blogs on it, though neither have had activity for quite some time.
Ramblings of a Coder:

Other profiles:
I'll try to keep my Google+ About Me page up to date with other profiles, though it also contains a lot of legacy profiles that I no longer keep updated: and click on "About" and scroll down to the Links section.
(Unfortunately there's no direct link to this About overview anymore)
Of course I'll also try to keep this SignalFlare post up to date, as it will be pinned to my profile, and will likely be reshared using the #SignalFlare hashtag on every first day of the month till GPlus shuts down.

Relevant links:
¹ Google's Blog: Google+ Expedited Shutdown:
² +John Lewis public request for using #SignalFlare posts to announce your alternative social media profiles:
³ Mastodon's primary project page, JoinMastodon:
⁴ Diaspora Foundation project home:
⁵ Friendica project home:
⁶ Plexodus-Tools project page, my own open-source WIP tool for processing Google+ Takeout archives:
⁷ GitHub:
⁸ Steam online game store: and its community site:
⁹ Blogger, Google's blogging platform:

#GooglePlusExodus #Plexodus #GooglePlusMigration #GPlusExodus #GPlusMigration
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Hangouts Classic will lose per-conversation notification sound settings
Well, that sucks... Per-conversation notification settings were one of the main standout features that I liked about Hangouts.
While adoption of the Android O+ notification channels is great, so far I've not seen such granularity there that I can set a separate sound per conversation... Hopefully that will be added too, but it doesn't look promising.

Currently I have notification sounds off by default, and only set a sound for just a couple of important contacts.

Filing this under the #GooglePlusExodus Collection as #Hangouts originally grew out of G+, AFAIK, and as such has a large userbase among GPlus users.

#Google #GSuite #GoogleAnnouncement
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Blogger Google Plus Comments tool merged into Plexodus-Tools
Just a quick development update: while progress has been rather low the past weeks as I've struggling with health issues again, I've finally merged the #GitHub #Gist ¹ I'd made for retrieving Google+-based comments on Blogger blogs, into the main #PlexodusTools ² git repository, along with its commit history.
Still need to merge the Gist's README into the existing one from Plexodus-Tools, and update some of the documentation though, but at least all further development on it should occur in the Plexodus-Tools repo, rather than spread over both projects.

I need to hurry up though for it to be of any use, as the APIs will be turned off in less than 18 days... Time passes by way too quickly...

So, keep following to keep track of its progress.

¹: Blogger Google Plus Comments CLI retrieval tool Gist:
²: Plexodus-Tools Git repository hosted on Github: and
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Google+ Revisited: Kiss the paw
While this isn't a very insightful post, I just had to reshare it again because I miss #ShivaTheCat.
And what is #GooglePlus without #cat pics, right?

#cats #catsOfGooglePlus #GooglePlusRevisited #GPlusRevisited #GPlusCats #Caturday #poes #pussy
Capture me: I need the royalties
This photograph of our cat Shiva is just begging to be captioned. :)

#Caturday   #CaptionThis  
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Milestone reached: 2000 followers on Google+ Exodus Collection
Since the announcement of the shutdown I had been wondering if I could get a couple more followers to hit the 2000 followers milestone on my profile. While I haven't (yet?) managed to hit that on my main profile, I did reach it this morning on my Google+ Exodus Collection at :D

Thanks everyone :)
Lifelong dream fulfilled 😂

#GooglePlus #GPlus #Milestones
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Update to the G+ -> Firebase migration tool
+Romain Vialard has updated his migration tool.

#Google #GooglePlus #Firebase #Plexodus #GooglePlusExodus #migration
I've updated the G+ export tool to also export images linked to posts.

If you already used the export tool before, simply do step 2 & 3 of the tutorial again (no need to create a new Firebase project, you can use the one you created before but you will need to export again all posts to get images).

Images will be stored on the Firebase Storage linked to your Firebase project. You don't need to do any additional setup and Firebase offers 5GB of storage for free.
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Blogging in Minetest
Martijn Braam took an interesting approach to crafting new blog post: he wrote a plugin for the #Minecraft open source alternative #Minetest that allows players to create #blog posts (or should that be #block posts? 🤔) by crafting a book and writing in it in-game.

Perhaps not very productive, but definitely a playful and perhaps immersive way to blog. :)

#SiteAlternatives #BlogAlternatives #MartijnBraam
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Photoblog: Alien World in Amsterdam's Western Harbour
Over the next couple of days I'll probably share some of my earlier photo blogging attempts, in the hopes it'll be an incentive to me to pick up writing for my own blog again.
I'll kick it off with the first one I published on it:
Which is a view from when I was still living primarily in the #Netherlands, nearby the #Amsterdam western #harbour where playing #Ingress led me to discover late night view such as these due to exploring #portals on late #night walks.

#Photography #NightPhotography #AmsterdamseHaven #WestelijkeHaven #fotografie
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In other news: COO tries to cover up for their company's lacking security especially when it comes to customer data privacy, by reportedly assaulting researchers and treathening them with legal action
I hope Konami gets wind of that as well, so they'll lose a pretty big customer.
Here's hoping that the FBI will actually be on the good side in this, and stand up for the security researchers who followed responsible disclosure practices.
More evidence that Pastebin + Full Disclosure mitigates risk better than coordinated disclosure.
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