Remember when I wrote that I was worried Google would focus more on algorithms than user control? (

That fear just got a little stronger today. From what I can tell, the stream has now become heavily weighted to more recent content (post date), rather than most recent comment date (which is what it was before, as far as I could tell). I went back pages and pages and could only find one conversation that was not sorted by post date.

As I looked around, I also noticed a smaller number of shares, +1s and comments on posts because of it this morning. One of the things I'd asked for from the beginning here on G+ was the choice to switch between those two views: a sort on "most recent post" and a sort "most recent comment" -- that way you can see what's new, and you can see what's "hot." So simple, but it's not there.

Sometimes when you attack something you perceive to a problem, that problem comes back to bite you. (See .GIF!) If this change in the algorithm reduces user participation, I doubt that's going to be a good thing for G+.

What do you think? Hard for me to imagine what would be bad about offering the sort option. The only trade-off is a little icon/graphic near the top of stream. Some people may say that adds clutter to the UI. I don't know. I'm mystified why its not there yet.

UPDATE: 12:10 Since people are actually paying attention to this (I didn't think they would care much), here's the three options I really want (just me, of course):

1) Most recent post.
2) Most recent comment.
3) "Hot" algorithm.

(Thanks Mac)

The key point now is that the current stream is not sorted by most recent. It's weighted towards most recent. So, in other words, you never quite know what you're getting. It's like Facebook's "Top Posts" which uses a secret formula to deliver what it thinks you want. I want transparency for everything except #3, which they can keep secret if they want. :-)
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