I've taken a few trips to Death Valley in the last few months. This shot was from a three weeks ago... We got some brilliant sunshine peaking through the clouds and lighting up this mountain just as the sun was going down. If you look closely, you can see some tiny dots of people out in the salt flats of Bad Water Basin. This place is huge!

Did you know you can look at G+ pics at a larger size if you maximize your browser to take over the whole screen? First, click on my photo. Then click space bar. Now, on a Mac (chrome or Safari) click the double arrow in the upper right corner of your browser. The picture will show up huge with no borders on top. On a PC, maximize the browser (IE, Firefox or Chrome) and then click F11 to erase the top border and look at the pic on a black screen. Just click F11 to return to normal browser mode. Note: If you like my photos, they'll all look better at a large size like this... There's 16 megapixels of detail you won't see when it's small. :-)
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