Update on Hawaiian Photowalk on the Island of Oahu! First, my little surprise: +Trey Ratcliff is now here with me and will be hosting the PhotoWalk together!
Second: I think we should change the meeting time to 6:00pm, and have the walk culminate in the fireworks at 8:30pm. Let me know if this presents any problems for anyone.

Event: Photowalk Waikiki!
Date: March 4th, Sunday
Time: 6:00pm (note updated time!)
Location: meet at the Ala Moana Park main parking lot (if we're full there's additional parking at the mall across the street)
Schemer RSVP: Click here to let others know you're going - http://bit.ly/yn50nI
- Free Invite - Need a free Schemer invite? Click here: goo.gl/RoxQg

About the Plan modification: If we meet at 6:00pm, we'll be able to all say hello and catch the sunset at 6:30. There's some nice shots in the park area of the Waikiki skyline, the condos across from the park, and the park & beach itself. We can shoot around the park, and then start heading towards the fireworks around 7:00pm.

Yesterday I walked the route mentioned in my original post (http://bit.ly/ztj0YD) and it took about an hour while stopping to shoot, so that's why I think we should leave towards the fireworks around 7:00ish.

+Donny Chambers +James Pakele +Ikaika Arnado +Dallas Nagata White +Wes Lum +James Petersen +Stanley Yamada +Ed White +Ryan Ozawa +Mark Swink +Arleen Boyd +Mick Motor +Lux Xul +Shelly Bonoan +POOHKO HAWAII +Patrick Kaleihiwalani P Ramos +Randy Jay Braun +Mark Paz +Dino Morrow +Robert Nakama +Gabriel Yanagihara +j mac

Plus mention your friends you want to tell about this event in the comments below, and let everyone know +Trey Ratcliff is coming :-)
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