Note: Before I begin, +Dallas Nagata White created this photo, I did not. I know people tend to comment and +1 something without reading first. :-)

I've been traveling for almost a week now, which is why I haven't been online or posting much. I'm in the Southern-most point of Taiwan. It's a beach town here, and I drove in last night from Taroko Gorge, an awesome place with towering cliffs, beautiful green mountainsides, and the most unique shade of blue water I've yet to see. I hope I got some good shots, we will see. :-)

I specifically went on this trip to capture photos. Which is how I specifically and purposefully have done just about everything in the last couple of months. When I look back on my new love for taking photos, there have been many milestones. One that really put me into overdrive was setting a simple goal for myself. I wanted to capture one good photo a day, for a year. I decided to exclude weekends, to give myself some "catch up" time -- because it really is difficult to come up with something you like every single day. The idea was 52 weeks x 5 photos (one per day) which would net me a "massive" portfolio of 260 photos when I'm done. (If you want to see the "goal" in action, add me on Instagram "myspacetom" (its coming to Android soon!) or if you don't use Instagram, you can see the photos here:

So I'm out here in Taiwan, slogging away at it. It's been a bit rough because though the trip would be perfectly enjoyable on its own, I've set up this pressure to capture at least one photo I like every day. I'm not complaining, of course, but now that I'm on a mission, I have to say it's not going so well (hehe). I haven't been able to uncover the amazing shots I'd hoped for, mostly because it's been raining and the sky is overcast, with a very dull gray cast . It also doesn't help that I don't speak Chinese and it isn't easy to get around / find the places and things I'd hoped to capture. :-)

Which brings me to this photo I'm sharing that created by +Dallas Nagata White. It's a photo of +Dallas Nagata White and +Ed White kissing in front of an active volcano, in the rain, on the Big Island in Hawaii. Pretty spectacular isn't it? I met Dallas and her husband Ed at the Oahu Photowalk I hosted about 3 weeks ago. We've since become friends and gone shooting landscapes together while I was in Hawaii. Dallas shoots a lot of things -- fashion, weddings, events, but as I've gotten to know her a little better she's shared that "secretly" she's a landscape shooter at heart. (Just don't tell her clients haha…)

Dallas is a voracious learner (as most nerds are, and yes, she is a nerd), adding every technique she can to her mental camera bag. It's inspiring to hear and see how she does this. Often the results are very subtle, but important. Sometimes the results are immediate and stunning, like in this photo, where she uses a technique you mostly only see indoors and in a controlled fashion shoot.

So this is what you get when someone with a unique perspective and experience hikes 8 hours to a volcano and it starts raining. Amazing. Not to mention Ed's exuberance in kissing her at that moment. :-) Go Ed!

This photo is a symbol for me -- I know it will always remind me to be more like Dallas. If I want to get my "one shot a day" I've got to learn more, try harder, and take advantage of the situation that nature presents. Since I know a little about how this photo was taken (and you can read about it here: it's also an important reminder of how working with your friends and loved ones can lead to something memorable.

I've got a few more days here in Taiwan and though I don't expect to happen across any volcanoes or anything, I am heading out this morning with a new boost of energy. Thanks Dallas :-)

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Here's my favorite photo Dallas has shared so far from her trip:

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