Well, recently I've had some photography bad luck (http://bit.ly/y6FbGd), and it seems to be continuing tonight! +Trey Ratcliff and I just got home from a full day of shooting (part of which was the PhotoWalk we hosted today http://bit.ly/vZQLWz).

When I put my brand-spanking new 32GB SanDisk Compact Flash card into my card reader, nothing showed up. I couldn't import! Then we tried two other card readers laying around. Nothing. So I put the card back in my camera, and tried to view them there. I got the "Folder Contains No Images" message familiar to Nikon users.

At this point, I downloaded a program called "Card Rescue" for Mac to see if the files had somehow been corrupted or damage. Trey had successfully used this program to recover some files before. After running a scan for nearly an hour, it said it couldn't find any files. Whenever I tried to import from the card, it referred to my CF card as "JO NAMA" ... Strange name, and I have no idea where it came from.

So either someone out there has some good ideas for better card recovery software, or SanDisk is out there and they can help me, or there may be something to those ghost stories people tell about the Queen Mary. That was the last location of the evening... Me and Trey drove down to Long Beach to shoot some parts of the ship that are supposedly haunted. All in good fun you'd think, until the electromagnetic field generated by the ghosts wipe out your memory card... ! ;-) Or maybe it was the nuclear reactor on that Scorpion submarine we climbed onto?

Here's a ghostly image I caught of myself a few months ago, before my camera fell into the Ocean, before I got arrested for taking photos (another story I haven't told), and before my memory card went dead!

#LAPhotoWalk Unfortunately this means I have zero photos from the PhotoWalk, unless I can somehow get the photos back!
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