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Michelle Lemire
overachiever, market researcher, social media enthusiast, tech-junkie, sci-fi geek, eternal optimist and *kewlest* aunt... oh, and i blog a bit at ;)
overachiever, market researcher, social media enthusiast, tech-junkie, sci-fi geek, eternal optimist and *kewlest* aunt... oh, and i blog a bit at ;)

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Feeling a bit creative today, and it's only 4:00am! Watch out world!

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Awesome new book on Mobile Marketing from Simon Salt!

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Awesome! I'd like to be a cat in a book... :)
Be a character

Ever wanted to be a character in a novel? Now is your chance - back my kickstarter project and become a character in the book.

Everyone who donates $10 or more gets a free copy of the book.

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I do love FUN cuff links!
An outlet for creativity

While I'm more known for writing and speaking I love expressing my creativity in lots of different ways.

I take photos, I make models, I refinish furniture and I make accessories. I've finally given in and decided to open an Etsy store to sell some of the accessories that I make.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

How do you express your creativity?

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Awesome! Anyone need a custome cell phone or tablet cover? Just help Simon with his book promo!

I'm launching a competition today to reward people who promote my kickstarter project.

The rules are really simple. Get a backer, get a gift.

Check out the details on the Posterous page for the book.

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What did you learn at SXSW???

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Woohoo! Simon is writing an espionage novel! Please help spread the word (and perhaps back him on the project!) :D
Kickstarter Project
My kickstarter project is now live! Really hoping that you will help me spread the word and maybe even become a backer.

Go take a look.

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For Valentine's, I got Simon a teensy sock monkey for use as a lapel pin... and this is what he does with it! HAH!
Now, thanks to the awesome +Michelle Lemire My lego avatar has his own Sock Monkey!

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+Simon Salt makes some great points in this post. As marketers, shouldn't we invest time into getting to know and understanding our consumers? And what better place to get to know them than "in the wild"?
Why Social Media Perpetuates Gender Myths
Social Media has often been touted as the "new" media. New thinking, new ways of doing business. But in reality there is nothing new about it. The majority of those who drive its direction are men. Men who are vested in keeping the status quo. Even though the majority of marketers - presumably the largest component in the business user community of social media are women.

This is reflected in the apparent need for separate lists for things like "The Top 100 Women in Social Media" - because after all women can't compete with men.

The latest focus of this clash of genders is Pinterest. I've been sadly dismayed by the rhetoric published by my peers about this site as being little more than a women's scrapbooking club. That the site holds little or no interest for men.

Yesterday on a thread that only tangentially mentioned Pinterest a response was posted - "Any guy who posts to Pinterest needs to have his man card revoked #ijs" The "ijs" is webspeak for I'm Just Saying or I just smiled.

Here's the thing. Sure the early adopters on Pinterest are primarily women. What of it? The primary audience for Allure magazine is women - no where does it say on the cover of that magazine "NOT FOR MEN". Apparently men should not express an interest in anything that interests women. Fashion, Hairdo's, Home Decor, Cooking are women interests and should be shunned by real men!

I am interested in all of those things. I get real insight into women from reading their magazines and from following boards pinned by women. Why would I do this? For several reasons, firstly and foremost I am a man. I love women I want to know more about them, you don't do that by ignoring them. I am in a loving relationship, anything I can do to understand my partner increases the chances of this relationship lasting.

Secondly I am a marketer, more than that, I am a marketing consultant. By following the trends that women are setting and are interested in themselves I am educating myself on behalf of my clients.

Thirdly, I am a shopaholic. I love to shop. I love fashion, cooking, Home decor. I love picking out clothes with my girlfriend. I have a personal stylist (+Jane Ellen)
who loves working with me because I know how to put my own outfits together.

Oh and for those "guys" out there who want to question my manliness, I'm former Airborne Infantry, Firefighter, Search & Rescue Technician, Gun owner and card carrying member of the NRA.

So anytime you want to come and revoke my man card please do so. I'll give you my man card when you rip it from my cold dead hands.

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