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Both Norway and the UK - places I have strong connections to - appear to be carrying a banner for engineering and science studies these days. Specifically they work to get more kids studying "hard" topics.

Yet I wonder. If we are ALL mathematicians, who will cut hair, illustrate books, cook and play music?
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Agreed. But what will happen to society if more and more people are pushed into "hard" topics because that is the only "worthwhile study"? A host of poor engineers, or a lack of hairdressers?
Well made points. Another, related, question is why vocational subjects are seen as such a terrible thing. It would appear as if people downright hate them.
Yeah I thought that if I didn't do the "clever" academic subjects I'd be a failure, and I ended up dropping out completely. I'm not usually one to be fooled by stereotypes, but that time I was :(
Knowing you, Grace, you'll never be a failure - but you might just be a differently-shaped success than what a whole lot of people think must be.
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