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Sandeep Parikh
I'm a silly silly man.
I'm a silly silly man.

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In our all new JAMS sketch, learn all the ways that 2015 is nothing like the Back to the Future 2015. Also I'm in whiteface. So there's that

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The monthly variety show at Cowboys & Turbans that features a lineup loving curated by Sandeep Parikh and raises $$ for charity! This month we're focusing our efforts on The READ project which puts orphaned children in Nairobi through school.

Admission to the show is FREE but you can donate by purchasing raffle tickets to win cool prizes including original artwork by our monthly guest artist who creates a piece inspired by the night.

4:30pm - DOORS
5pm - Live Music from Curtis Peoples & Interactive Art out on the Patio
6pm - Comedy 

Zack Pearlman
Henry Phillips
Heather Pasternak
Brad Gage
Jess Rona
Nancy Friedrich
Matt Glass
And More!

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You should watch this, because it's funny. And it's about the Indian Yakuza... kinda

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Brand new EFFINFUNNY JAMS video is out... this one should disturb-tickle you.

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Wherein I "engage" my best Picard impression. Don't worry even if you're not a Trekkie, you'll get it as long as you own a cell phone

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