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one of my fav singer when I was a little girl...

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Back to School

a chilly morning
a rainy morning
a fogy morning

another day
a new day
a new year
Happy New Year

driving in the rain
10 minutes stucked at the traffic lights
not just one traffic light
but six traffic lights along the way

late for school
It's a Dewey school of sort
come, if you want
don't come, if you feel like it

But be nice to your friends!
Be nice to your teacher!
Mind your manners!

Happy Schooling, My son!
May you learn 
to read, write and do arithmetics 

By: Ummabdrahmaan
1st January 2013
Kuala Terengganu
Terengganu Darul Iman

17 Safar 1434H (Selasa)

"Apabila Imam telah membaca 'aameen' maka bacalah 'aameen', sesungguhnya barangsiapa aamiinnya bertepatan dengan bacaan para malaikat, dampuni dosa-dosanya yang terdahulu" ~ R. Malik, Ahmad, Bukhari, Muslim, & Abu Dawud ~

Whispers in my ears

There were times when I thought
Brilliant was my middle name 
Genius was my last name
Einstein was my beloved uncle

At that I thought
if I declare it so
I'd be ostracized. 
others would see me as big headed
pompous smarty snooty
overbearing pretentious uppity wise gal,
smug conceited vain
miss know it all
on ego trip

But, hey.... 
that ain't real me!
I'm just the opposite!
meek humble servile me!

Oh? Are you?

Yes! All I want to be...
to become the servant of God,
the lovers of God,
just like the way 
my great-great -great grandfather
Ibrahim was.

What? I can't believe what I hear!
Are you so holy?
with holier than thou attitude?

No. That is what I truly want to be...
and you know that I speak from the heart
deep from the bottom of my heart
and that is the truth!


Yes! I'll be gone!
But, you are truly Brilliant!
For such a young girl!
That's your true name!
even if you might not want to listen to me now!
or perhaps, Almas... 
would be a better choice 
for your middle name!


Indeed, Let Almas
or Brilliant
or whatever name I'd be called
shines forever
and keep the form!

Written by: Ummabdrahmaan
Kuala Terengganu 
Terengganu Darul Iman 
7:17 pm
Hayya 'Alaa Solah! Al aan!

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