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free open source augmented reality browser for android and iPhone
free open source augmented reality browser for android and iPhone
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#mixare is building fine in #androidstudio with minor configuration tweaks !

But I can't find a way to run it on the device. #idontknowintellij :(
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#mixare  status: see pic

although we've been silent for quite a lot of time, actually.
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You know what's cool? A new development snapshot of mixare... :)

You know what's cooler? A new development snapshot of mixare with tons of new features and improvements! Take a look at the changelog:
. openstreetmap support (google maps is still available, you can switch at runtime)
. completely revamped UI for the lists and maps
. actionbar support (using actionbarsherlock for devices with older versions of android)
. creative commons licensed panoramio icons (the panoramio API team never answered my request to know whether their official icon may be included in a GPLv3 released software... shame on them)
. A new (more robust) datasource management system.
. "Privacy-mode" that blurs (or scrambles) the exact position in the web requests that may be activated for each datasource individually.
. A lot of bugfixes and performance improvements. 

Go grab it while it's hot:
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These slides contain a lot of potential improvements for us.
Just finished presenting my #IO12 session, Making good apps great -- or as I like to think of it, Android Protips 2: Electric Boogaloo.

The video should be up within 24 hours, but in the meantime you can check out the slides along with some notes here.

Hope you guys enjoyed it!
Making Good Apps Great (73 photos)
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Just in time for the weekend, you can download a new development snapshot of mixare. This includes work by Klemens and Armando: a lowpass + complementary filter for stabilizing the sensor reads. Further, gyroscope is now used (on phones that supports this sensor type) to smooth the marker placement.

Please try it from the link below and let us know what you think!

Obviously the development branch of our repo contains all these features :)
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#mixare 0.9 is out!
After ironing out the bugs that were found (thanks a lot to those who contributed fixes!) on the release branch, version 0.9 of #mixare has been published to the market, and is available on the project side as well.

As usual the changelog is available on the wiki

notice for developers:
The release branch has now been merged into master and development, hence the "normal" flow for patches begins again (new features: patches against development; Bugfixes: patches against master).

Happy Towel Day, by the way :)

#opensource #FLOSS #augmentedreality
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Second preview of version 0.9 available!

This is a followup of

A few bugs were reported on the mailing list, and a new preview version that should address those has been published. Thanks to all that participated :)

Please pull the latest commits from the feature branch ( ) to get the commits that should fix the reported bugs.
The updated APK is available on the download page as well:
We are on track for releasing v0.9 on monday, if no new bugs are reported in the meantime.
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The upcoming weekend is going to be a looong one for many people. What's better than enjoying the neighborhood with some updated weather info?

Why don't you add a new datasource in #mixare? It's freely available at:

NB: This datasource provides data for #Italy only. Many details are available on the mailing list:!topic/mixare-development/SFPjEhz5d7s

If you find it useful, let us know in the comments, and... enjoy the weekend!
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Get into the (git) flow with mixare!

In order to help the maintainability of mixare code, we are now going to
follow the git-flow paradigm for the mixare repository (this follows the
move from google-hosted SVN to github-hosted GIT a few months ago that
helped tremendously).

This approach is being put in place after the 0.8 release.

In a nutshell git-flow is only a guideline on how to organize the
repository and the releases of code. It is explained well on this page: and on this
There are a couple of helper scripts on github as well:

What does this mean for us and for you?

Before you start working on a feature for mixare, you are encouraged to
add an issue in the issue tracker ( ) and use the issue ID as
the name of your branch.

After your work is finished, you can issue a pull request on github or
send your patches via email.

We are just getting started, so a few oddities are to be expected in the
first days.

This message is a re-post of the following announcement to the mailing list:!topic/mixare-development/Zr9utX0KSe8
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