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Josh Whiten
Digital Marketing Director at Sagittarius, Award-Winning Digital Agency in the UK
Digital Marketing Director at Sagittarius, Award-Winning Digital Agency in the UK

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Wondering why your Google organic rankings have suddenly dropped? Check some of the most likely causes in this great technical SEO guide from my Sagittarius team member +Nick Steele

+Jennifer Fong are there plans to run any more Certification Bootcamps any time soon?

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A simpler way to track the impact of other media in Google Analytics is to create vanity URL's to use in broadcast media then 301 redirect these URL's to your site, then track the traffic that comes via media in the Aquisition/Referring Sites report. Much neater than fiddling with UTM tracking of URLs using the link builder. The vanity URLs could be around a campaign message or a subtle variation on the brand name. Same technique can be used across all offline marketing

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At last, decent Google Analytics reporting for iphone and ipad with their official app! Shame there isn't a similar official app yet for managing Google Adwords on the move, but if you have your adwords and analytics accounts linked at least now you can see campaign data and performance with this app. #analytics #adwords #googleanalytics   #ppc  
Data at your fingertips - Announcing the Google Analytics app for iOS

At Google, we want to build tools that help you stay connected no matter where you are. Whether you’re in the boardroom, at a live event, or even a day at the beach: having access to Analytics at your fingertips is important. That’s why we previously launched an Android app for Google Analytics ( that we’re excited has been downloaded by more than 1 million users to date. We’ve been listening to your feedback and hear you loud and clear: you want an iPhone version too. So we are pleased to announce the launch of a Google Analytics app for iOS. 

Visit iTunes App Store  to download and install the app to keep up with your data anytime, anywhere:

With the Google Analytics App for iOS, you can access the same accounts and profiles you see when you open Analytics from a desktop browser, but you’ll also see reports that are optimized for your phone. Just like the Android app, the iOS app has some neat features, including:

-A completely redesigned, mobile-optimized look and feel
-Side navigation that mirrors Google Analytics on the web for quick access to reports
-Specialized reporting for web and app views (profiles)
-An Overview screen summarizing key metrics from each report 
-Deeper analysis via dimension-based drill down in most reports
-Better Real-Time reporting
-Advanced Segments to further analyze your data

Happy Analyzing (on-the-go!).

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Of course some of us may have had more influence on the music choice that others!
What's your SEO soundtrack? Here at Webscape we have been putting together our own +Spotify playlist of music to do #seo  to. Check out our choices, and share your preferred choice of #seomusic  

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This has to be one of my favourite photos from the #measurewithgoogle event at Google Dublin, thanks to +Matthew Phelan for sharing. It was the first night, been there about an hour and already met these guys from all over Europe, in a pub of course (with some help from Twitter). #google #dublin #guinness

Getting prepared for the #measurewithgoogle  conference in Google HQ Dublin, starting tomorrow. Hoping for lots of insights into #googleadwords    #analytics   #remarketing  and more.

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A few shots of the view of #oxfordshire from our tent, after a lovely weekend #glamping with +Feather Down Farm Days
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Pretty good view at Park Farm near Faringdon, Oxfordshire #glamping #featherdownfarms 
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We get asked this a lot; 'which social media network should I be using?'. So I have written a post about it over on the +MWM Consultants  blog #socialmediamarketing   #socialmediastrategy   #digitalmarketing  
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