Background: this is a statue placed recently in front of the History Museum in Bucharest, which generated a bit of a brouhaha in the beginning; the dude is supposed to be Emperor Traianus, widely thought as one of our ancestors around here (he was the Roman emperor who conquered the parts north of Danube and did what Romans usually did - plunder as much as possible, install a bunch of colonists, etc.), and the doggy is supposed to be a cross between the mythical female wolf that adopted Romulus and Remus (mythical founders of Rome) and the Dacian Dracones flag (wolf head, snake body).

Some protested because he is naked (either because he is the ancestor and "can't be naked", or because "think of the children"), some protested that the doggy looks too much like a stray dog (which is the real emblem for Bucharest: they live here in great numbers, have some fierce humanoid defenders - rarely dog owners, hint, hint - and each year quite a lot of people find that humans aren't exactly on top of the food chain around here).

edit: replaced URL with 9gag image collection; not mine, my English is slightly less "hidious"
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