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Alan Gray
Works at NewsBlaze
Attended Enfield High School
Lives in Queanbeyan, New South Wales
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Newspaper Publisher and Editor
Edit complex stories, correcting errors in spelling or grammar, formatting for readability, making the writer look good I am also a programmer in perl, php, C.
  • NewsBlaze
    Newspaper Publisher and Editor, 2005 - present
    Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of NewsBlaze, the online world newspaper, helping writers to tell the stories that readers want to read about what's going on in the world.
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    Cartoon Character
    Provide a service to help cartoonists connect with webmasters and marketers who need cartoons for their websites, publications, Tshirt designs
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Queanbeyan, New South Wales
Folsom, California - Adelaide, South Australia - Sheffield England, Adelaide South Australia, Canberra ACT, Jerrabomberra NSW, San Francisco, San Mateo, Folsom California
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+61 2 6255 9598
7, Birch Way, Jerrabomberra, NSW, 2619, Australia
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of NewsBlaze, pedantic proofreader and lover of structured writing
Alan Gray is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of NewsBlaze Daily News, which started as a concept in 2003, became a prototype and a beta test in 2004, then live in 2005. NewsBlaze was conceived as World News for Americans, because the mainstream media was serving up inconsequential garbage, only discovering the outside world when an American was directly involved, otherwise, it didn't exist.
Bragging rights
Honored to receive a Kentucky Colonel Commission from Kentucky Governor, Ernie Fletcher. Thanks to Captain David Page for proposing me, while he was serving in Tikrit, Iraq. He did that because NewsBlaze was one of the very few taking any notice of what US troops - and in his case, the Kentucky National Guard were doing in Iraq, and we published every single story they sent to us.
  • Enfield High School
  • Kilkenny Technical College
    Electronics Technician Certificate
  • Canberra Institute of Technology, Bruce
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+Kimberly Jones writes "Syria - The Terror Of The Wait"

Is this one of those "Never Again" moments? Was it a never again moment two years ago? The people who could and should have done something about it were clueles. And they still are.

They screwed up so badly and made it so much worse that now it has degenerated into a complete debacle.

But don't worry, eventually, all the Syrian civilians will be dead, and there won't be anything to worry about.

+Kimberly Jones says something can be done, but people need to take notice as well as action.
#syria #syrian_crisis #syrianchildren #syrianrefugees #clueless #cluelessidiots #kerrywashington #assadcrimes #obama #rouhani  
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Stay tuned as I am on a roll now to try to explain the Assad sociopsychosomatic egotistical narcissistic personality and how it has led him to where he is now. 
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Beautiful Point Reyes.

Protected by 'Rebels With a Cause' 
This is a story about activists who, despite diversions and disappointments, persist in their mission for more than twenty years. The activists aim to foster a national movement to preserve open spaces. They also want to shape the environmental movement of today.

Photo: Alan Majchrowicz #photographer  

#environment #pointreyes #activists #documentary #photography  
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+Alan Gray exactly where I am heading-I have been there 4 times when my folks/friends use to visit me in SF-it is SO mystical there....makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland.
However-I do not like Highway 1-
I cannot look over the cliffs!
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Alan Gray

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every time I think I want to give up-I stop & realize that I would never let my kid give up.
So I continue on knowing while I still have breath in me IT isn't really a "losing battle".
thanks Alan-nice reality check~
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+Sergio Muscat Has some interesting thoughts - and reviews of the Olympus Micro Four-Thirds OM-D EM-1 camera
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Can Asia Reboot Rockefeller?

Interesting ties between rockefeller and Asia, +Dinesh Sharma says.

In the age of hyper-connectivity and big data, our universal pursuit of global culture must harmonize billions of growing minds in Asia and the West, who must confront competing market forces. This is the great challenge of our times, as I have argued in my two books on the President, "The Global Obama" and "Barack Obama in Hawaii and Indonesia."

#asia #rockefeller #obama #books #asiancentury #markets #rockefellerfoundation #imf #business  
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Great interview:

+Kam Williams and +marlon Wayans Talking about A Haunted House 2
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Have him in circles
2,735 people
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Alan Gray

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King Nazir Muhammad investigates reparations and discovers something he didn't want to discover. He documents it in this story
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Good thinking.  
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Alan Gray

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Now that's what I call a big house. Don't think I'd like mowing the lawns though.
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Institute for Nobel Maidens?
I think I may qualify for admission
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Alan Gray

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Pencil art
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+Alan Gray that is great. My son has a website but refuses to "advertise" and make any money. He seems to have an aversion to making $-he thinks of it as selling himself out. But when I'm dead-he will "come to"
even though I don't really support him financially
I hold down the house that he will inherit & as I try to tell him-he doesn't want me selling MY piece of the woods in upstate NY...He has many "chores" to do upon his arrival this week-end & why I believe he tries to STAY away! -tired of being the house-keeper in NY~
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Business writer Clarence Walker investigates Credit scores and finds that you may not get the same score your lender gets, so there is no way to tell what they are seeing to base their decision on.
#creditscore #business  
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Thank you +BogDan Wrzesinski 
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Dr Lois Jun is the most thorough and gentle dentist I have ever visited, and I have visited a few throughout Australia and the world. I really like that she explains what she will do before she actually does the work and she is never in a hurry to get me out of the chair to see more patients. This is probably because she was trained in Adelaide. A very pleasant experience.
Public - a week ago
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Michael Larkin is an excellent partner to work with. His knowledge, coupled with his attention to detail, attention to his partners and his friendship makes him an excellent working partner. He is highly recommended.
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This is a great bank, friendly staff, great service, great business services. They remember my name and company every time I visit. I can manage my account online when overseas and there is someone to talk to if I have problems. LOL, the guy on the TV may love his bank's CD, but I love this bank! NewsBlaze
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5 reviews
Dr. Frugtniet is a great dentist. Very knowledgeable and always up with the latest treatments and techniques. Last week, I had my regular checkup and clean. As always, everything was mostly OK, except for some small damage I created. We were talking about cross-brushing and the damage it can do to your teeth. Dr. Frugtniet told me about a new technique for handling that, and he fixed my problem - quickly and painlessly. I think it is an amazing result, and now I'm being more careful about how I use my electric toothbrush.
• • •
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I get my cars smogged here every year. They are very good - and fast too.
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reviewed 3 years ago