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People make unconscious emotional decisions 92% the remaining 8% we spend consciously thinking about it and coming up with logical reasons why we should make the decision we actually already made. This article talks about those emotions.
To understand emotion in marketing, we have to understand the four emotions. Here's how happiness, sadness, fear and anger motivate us to action.
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Maketing automation. A tool versus a solution...
I don’t eat Cheerios. But if I did, I probably would have spat my Cheerios out of my mouth in shock after I recently read a few reports on marketing automation. Here’s why I was stunned: marketing automation is one of the most valuable tools the modern day marketer can [...]
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I like the "what you can do now" comments - makes it relevant.
Already, 2015 is shaping up to be a year of extreme advancements in marketing. These advancements are changing the way we think about truly connecting with customers by using individualized insights that tell us when, where and how they want us to engage with them. In fact, according to the [...]
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The past 15 years have seen Ecommerce grow immensely. Now with the growth in technology, the pioneers of e-commerce stores are trying to make use of new an
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Have them in circles
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In chess, there are four hundred possible board combinations after each player’s opening move and over nine million by the time both players have had three turns. Simply put, it’s impossible to k…
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We all speak about marketing measurement, tracking, automation... what about the art, the emotions, the imagination? Is the intuitive art of emotionally connecting to audiences being over taken by the mechanics? Is it not the art of knowing how to emotionally connect that will skyrocket our measurement and ROI?
The new digital marketing machine is increasingly concerned with data but we need to remember that great brands are built on ideas
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Columnist Kerry Jones shares the state of the content marketing job market based on new research and insights from recruitment professionals.
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This is what thinking out of a box can do...even in the farming sector!
Small producers are looking for ways to get their locally produced food products into the kitchens of hungry consumers. A food hub for distribution and collection is in the works for 2016. In the meantime, several food entrepreneurs are forging their own models.
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