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Has anyone done a conversion of D&D races including elves and dragonborn to SotDL? I think cambions can be tieflings without that much change and I'm thinking of modifying orcs and clockworks a bit perhaps for Eberron.

Quick question: Can one make a ranged attack roll with, say, a dagger (Finesse, Thrown) using Strength?

I was wondering what happens to "overflow" damage after an effect that gives you bonus to Health passes? I assume you're incapacitated just as when you get a penalty which brings your Health below your current damage. Am I right? 

So Special Attacks give final/calculated no. of boons/banes. How about when no boons or banes are mentioned? Does it mean there are none (single d20 roll), or do we default to any boons present in Attack Options?

Quick question about Warlock, Spell Thief Mastery and the word "always". So the way I read it you still roll Intellect to suppress the opponent's spell, and "always" refers to gaining the casting (and regardless of your Power). Am I right? Come to think of it, what happens if you fail the roll with Steal Spell (lvl 3 version). In other words is the stealing independent of suppressing the enemy's casting?

Has anyone done some version of a Tiefling-like Ancestry? One of my players would be interested in that.

While I've been waiting for the PoD of cards and Tales to drop I've had an idea. How about a nice pad of, say, 20-30 SotDL character sheets as PoD on DTRPG? I know I would buy some. What do people think? What does +Robert Schwalb think?

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Just discovered this. Check other covers too :)

Is the first use of Fortune (turning failure into success) supposed to be limited to "fortunate" player only?

Quick question: do incantations require you to expend castings? I thought they didn't but rereading the description on page 109 confused me as it says "expend the spell's casting".
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