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Claire Ferraro
Junior doctor working in East London.
Junior doctor working in East London.
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The London Marathon - a great little finish to my time with King's Sierra Leone Partnership
My legs have just about recovered but I’m still on a
complete high from running the London Marathon on the weekend. I was fully
prepared with all these little psychological tips to get me through the pain
and to spur me on when I ‘hit the wall’ but I didn’t...

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So what is IPC?
I don’t think I have ever written, spoken or thought about
three little letters as much as I have in the last few months; IPC… Infection
Prevention & Control. Since mid-December I have been helping establish and
initiate implementation of Sierra Leone’s fir...

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We hear the word ‘hero’ bashed around quite a bit out here.
I find it rather awkward – like we (although I’d much prefer to refer to the
local staff rather than us, international folk) have some sort of special power.
The British Embassy even cashed in on t...

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What is a safe and dignified burial?
I warn you this is a rather bleak and factual blog entry… You
may have seen or heard on the news that all burials in Sierra Leone are
required to be ‘safe’ during the current state of emergency. This is certainly
meant to be the situation – but what is a ‘s...

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The silly things we sign up to...
Fire in the engine? Luckily we broke down next to this fruit & veg stall    I really apologise for the delay in blogging, in all honesty I’ve found it quite unsettling coming back to Freetown after a pretty intense (but lovely) few days at home. Following m...

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How (not) to communicate in an ebola crisis
16 th Jan: A few days ago,
I received confirmation of my interview in London on the 28 th January for Core Medical Training – the next step in my training that will
re-start in August. So I’ll be heading home a week on Sunday for 10 days for a
break and to ...

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Non-ebola health services
Our small (piece of the pie) holding unit has been half empty most of the week. Of those isolated patients only a handful have been confirmed positive.  Obviously if this is a trend that is reflected across the
district/country then it’s is really encouragi...

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Ebola Myths
I thought I would share a few myths about ebola that I’ve heard
about since being here… thanks to Ibby (Fixer), William, Patricia (nurses),
housemate Katie and night nurse Tamba for helping me compile this little list: 1) Initially nobody thought that ebola...

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End of the middle?
Sorry for the delay in posting my next blog. I’ve been
getting wrapped up in all sort of things but actually mostly non-ebola work and
starting to think about the post-ebola transition... I'm not sure I've got the balance of writing blog entries vs working ...

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An Alternative Christmas
At about 4pm on Christmas Eve wherever you are in the world
it seems there is always some element of desperation to leave work on
time/early, the last-minute dash to the shops and frustrating traffic jams. For
a few of us at Connaught this process was inter...
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