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Emily King
Content Marketing Manager and general geek
Content Marketing Manager and general geek


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Things that haven't changed in 2017: still podcasting.
We've had mixed reactions about the new information on the Nintendo Switch. What do you think of it?

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Here' that time +Radix Communications turned one piece of content into 10. Including a board game. #contentmarketing   #contentcreation  

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Here's a semi-serious quiz from +Radix Communications on identifying which type of B2B copywriter you are.

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Unsure if you'll be able to take this article seriously, but...
In which Supernatural fans, Jared Padalecki's website and Facebook page offer up a lesson in how not to do content marketing. #contentmarketing

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#b2bcopychat  is back tomorrow on Twitter if anyone's interesting in joining in.

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Google+ Pro Tip: If you want people to add you back, at least try to make your profile look like it belongs to a real person. Change the default 'row of coloured felt' art, add a tiny bit of info to your about page, and at least hide your spam.

Because yes, we can all see the 1000 times you spammed your shitty eBook about sexy wolves or generic insurance comparison website to various G+ communities.

It's also alarmingly easy to mask your spamminess on Google+, so you've got no excuse. In short: stop being shit at life, and we might add you back.

Real People Still Inexplicably Trying to Enjoy Google+

P.s: The cat isn't related to anything. I just rule at marketing and getting people's attention. This is how it's done, kids.

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So, yes, looking forward to a few games.

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Be afraid, very afraid.
Please join Emily, Paul and Paul as they take us through such memorable moments of science in films like: Volcano, Jurassic World, The Day After Tomorrow, Interstellar, Dante’s Peak, Transcendence, Lucy and more (it’s not all hate).

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Please don't get me to support your thing, via Twitter, in this way

Mass messaging almost always looks bad.

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Some fantastic advice today on the blog... and a hypnotic GIF ;)
John talks tactics for getting past the demands of writing repetitive B2B content. #copywriting
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