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This was a successful conference. Found a way to reduce (ntuple) ATLAS dataset size by an average of 20% (for disk savings O(PB)), and managed to successfully communicate it to the critical team - despite how unlikely this sounds they agreed that the effect is real, it is a common use case and that something could be done about it. Our other crazy ideas also got some traction, so I am very happy :)

Amsterdam is also a great city and coming here was a good chance to catch up with old friends in physics before leaving the field.

Life is good. Now I need to rest.

Viva passed! Woo!

You've just #alienated me, Google. Dropping interoperability with Jabber whilst Larry complains that other unscrupulous companies in your field are playing silly zero-sum games is the final straw. :/

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Awesome! 25km/s impact of 40kg meteoroid on the moon would have been visible with the naked eye!

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"if those concerns were genuinely grounded in the evidence, especially in an age of the rapid propagation of information, you would expect the concerns to be expressed by journalists everywhere. They’re not."

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"To the nearest nanometer"
LOL. Google Now has some trouble with my habits.

It gave me a card this morning saying "1:35 to Work" in normal traffic. Which is kind of odd, since I work upstairs above the garage, and usually in my ratty bathrobe. Definitely not an hour and a half away, and the "traffic" mostly involves the cat wanting to be fed.

So I looked at the card just to see what the @%$! Google was talking about.

This is what the big G has decided is my work commute destination:

  45.33011245727539, -121.70976257324219(work)

(I also like how it gives my office location with 14 decimals of precision, which is approximating it to the nearest nanometer or so).

Apparently the fact that I've gone skiing on Mondays while the kids are in school and at other times don't move out of my office much seems to have convinced Google that I should exercise more. 

I can't fault the logic.

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There goes .. another billion or so?

From the article:

"But Clark," you protest, "you may not trust the government to decide what's risky and what's not, but I do. If it saves even one life, then shutting down a major city is the right move. That's obvious!"

But the Boston police didn't shut down an entire city. They shut down an entire city except for the donut shops.

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Great question, great answer.
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