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John W. Budd
Professor of Work and Organizations
Professor of Work and Organizations

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Are More Stock Options the Answer for Target's Woes?
I’m no expert on stock options or executive compensation. So
maybe you should stop reading, and I should stop writing. But here I go anyway…Target
Corporation’s latest executive pay plans were revealed yesterday in its proxy
filing with the SEC. The CEO did...

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Thoughts on Uber and Its Psychological "Tricks"
Earlier this month, a New York Times article “How Uber Uses Psychological Tricks to Push Its Drivers’ Buttons” received a lot of publicity
for revealing how Uber is using “behavioral science to manipulate [drivers]
in the service of its corporate growth.” A...

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Why Study Labor Relations?
It’s always interesting getting a new book, but it’s
particularly exciting and rewarding when it’s the product of your own work! So
I was thrilled when earlier this month I received a copy of the fifth edition
of my textbook, Labor Relations: Striking a Bal...

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Fawning for Favors: Tipping, Harassment, and the Need for One Minimum Wage
Controversies around tipping are seemingly everywhere these
days. Tip jars seem to be proliferating at the same time as some restaurants
are experimenting with banning tips. It’s always hard knowing who to tip and
how much, and even more so when traveling a...

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Labor Unions Have More Younger Members Than They Think, And Why This is Important
With Donald
Trump joining a Republican-majority Congress in office this week, the U.S.
labor movement is braced for adversity. Who knows what lies ahead. At a minimum,
labor will face a less sympathetic legal system when the composition of the National

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Financialization, Not Globalization, Driving Carrier's Movement of Jobs
President-elect Donald Trump’s apparent success in getting
Carrier to partially reverse its decision to shift jobs from Indiana to Mexico
has rightfully received a lot of attention. This certainly isn’t the first time
a politician has used a bully pulpit to...

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Industrial Relations Sadly Chuckles on the Eve of the Election
It’s hard to find many people happy with the choices in
tomorrow’s U.S. presidential election. Setting aside the troubling personal
qualities that have been so apparent, it’s difficult not to be leery (at best)
of Trump’s populism-at-its-worst and Clinton’s...

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Thank You Wells Fargo...For Reminding Us of the Nature of the Employment Relationship
The biggest business story of the past month has been the
Wells Fargo banking scandal. Driven by pressures to sell banking customers
additional products, thousands of employees created perhaps two millions new
accounts without customer approval. Over 5,000 ...

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And the University of Minnesota faculty organizing drive drags on, or, bananas aren’t apples, but they are more like apples than like airplanes
When I taught labor relations last winter, the union organizing drive among University of Minnesota faculty was a very timely topic. After having been away for the summer, some of the students from that class asked whether faculty were unionized yet. But th...

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Homogenization: Good for Milk, Bad for Managing Workers
Readers of my blog know that I developed and launched a
massive open online course (MOOC) on Preparing to Manage Human Resources . Readers
of my blog also know that I think work is quite complex . It shouldn’t be
reduced to being just about money, or just a...
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