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Business Is Not a War, a Jungle, a Machine, or a Game: Rejecting Narratives that are Unhealthy for Work and Workers
Earlier this month, an Australian colleague ( Rae Cooper ) tweeted that Tony Dundon’s AIRAANZ keynote presentation made the point that the
“war for talent” narrative is macho and narcissistic, and undermines
collaborative employment strategies. I agree. In ...

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Uncovering the Financialization Roots of Contingent Work
A Politico story by Danny Vinik was published this week with the headline “ The Real Future of Work ” and a provocative subtitle: “Forget automation. The workplace is already cracking up in profound ways, and Washington is sorely behind on dealing with it.”...

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Employment with a Human Face: Delivered on Christmas, Enduring as a Teenager
I just
received news that my first book— Employment with a Human Face: Balancing Efficiency, Equity, and Voice —will be
translated and published in Turkish. I have Dr. Fuat Man, a professor of HRM at
Sakarya University to thank for this, and I’m particularl...

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Lessons for Resolving Conflict from the NFL Players Anthem Dispute and Papal Conclaves
With Thanksgiving comes football, and with football comes…well,
this year, maybe politics. While perhaps not as heated as in September and
October, the NFL player anthem protest controversy has not been completely
resolved. Before reading further, I’d like ...

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Does Labor Law Protect Protesting NFL Players? It's Probably a Hail Mary
The raging controversy over the kneeling by NFL players
during the playing of the national anthem took yet another turn recently, this
time with labor law in the spotlight. Specifically, there has been publicity
and press over the possibility that the Natio...

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Minnesota Legislature: Respect U of M Contingent Faculty By Letting Them Decide Whether or Not to Unionize
Whether a group of employees wants to form a union to
represent them in collective bargaining is a decision that those employees
should be entitled to make. Unfortunately, contingent faculty (non-tenure-track
instructors, lecturers, and teaching specialists...

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From Google to Top Dog hot dogs via Charlottesville: What About Employee Free Speech?
It’s been an “interesting” week. First, a Googler was fired for his infamous memo on the alleged biological roots of gender inequality. And
now Top Dog, a California hot dog chain, has fired a cook because he was identified on social media as a participant ...

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What Happens at Work Doesn’t Stay There: (Poor) Workplace Democracy Promotes (Poor) Political Democracy
The workplace is not like Las Vegas—what happens at work, often doesn’t stay at work. Nearly 250 years ago, the father of modern economics,
Adam Smith, worried that mind-numbing jobs would cause workers to lose the
ability and motivation to be thoughtful, e...

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Employment Relations in a Post-Industrial Post-Democracy Era?
If one had to come up with a shorthand for the values of the
field of employment relations, a strong contender would be “industrial
democracy.” For starters, employment relations scholars seek to understand the
rules of the workplace. Organizations are ther...

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Are More Stock Options the Answer for Target's Woes?
I’m no expert on stock options or executive compensation. So
maybe you should stop reading, and I should stop writing. But here I go anyway…Target
Corporation’s latest executive pay plans were revealed yesterday in its proxy
filing with the SEC. The CEO did...
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