#meteroaproject  This is the beautiful painting that +Maude McDonald rendered for this project.  Maude is such a wonderful and brilliant artist!
The Metereo Project

Last year, a group of artists did an "artist project" painting of the Cinque Terre area of Italy.  I asked +Elia Locardi if he would mind if we used more of his photos for another project, and he generously offered his photos of Meteroa (Greece).     The artists that participated are going to display today online on G+, with the hastag #meteroaproject.  Please use that hashtag to search for the works of +Jill Saur and +Roberta Murray.   

We want to send our gracious thanks to +Elia Locardi and give him immense recognition for the creative juices his photographs inspired in us.  This is the link of Elia's works that we used as reference.  The artist could choose any photo of their choice.  http://www.blamethemonkey.com/photography/travel/greece

We, the artists, also agreed to talk about the work, and the challenges it presented.  Painting from a photograph, especially taken by someone else, is extremely difficult.  When you take the photo yourself, you have at least the memory imprint of the "scene" in your head and heart... the feel, the taste, the atmosphere.  I remember a very wise mentor who used to challenge me relentlessly.  Whenever I balked at a new challenge he would scratch his head, raise one brow and say to me in his heavy Dutch accent.... "The answer is, Art is a challenge.  It's not for cowards.  The questions is, are you up to it?"  He knew me, and knew tossing out that dare would motivate me.  Ever since then, I've never balked at trying something new, or pushing myself.  Thank you, Hans, for giving me that life lesson.

With this piece, I had to imagine myself "there".... standing on that cliff, feeling the breeze, the sun on my face and how the atmosphere would affect the background and foreground.  I would study the photograph, close my eyes and transport myself with my minds-eye.  And then remember my life lesson... "are you up for it?"

Locardi's Valley
Oil on Canvas, 12" x 12" x 1.5"  (31cm x 31cm)
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