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Chris Johnson
I will probably offend you and/or your mother. :/
I will probably offend you and/or your mother. :/

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Done in Sketchbook Pro on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014

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I kind of like this, and yet I feel like it's lacking. Thoughts?

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Experiencing a worrisome issue... Did a couple sketches last night in various gradients/opacities, but wehen I opened them today they look noticeably "washed out"... See below for example. Left is today, right is export from last night. No changes made.
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Long shot... but does ANYONE know what this song at 6:25 is?? Driving me crazy that I can't find it.

Ultimate New Best Vines Compilation 2013 (GREATEST FUNNIEST Vine Videos)

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Lol Google be all like:

For Sale:
One Major Cellphone Manufacturer
(Patents not included)

**Slightly used

Looking for 12.1 billion *OBO*

Had a bit of a scare this morning... N7 (2013) was fine yesterday and nearly fully charged. I was playing Angry Birds GO while waiting for a haircut, and when I got called I just turned off the screen. Well apparently that shit just keeps running in the background and this morning my N7 wouldn't even turn on at ALL... like not even to tell me "Low Battery" and then shut off. Once charged up a bit, it booted and told me Angry Birds GO had 89% battery usage!

Boom, uninstalled and lesson learned. ;)

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Has anyone had problems registering their Asus Cube with Amazon's instant video app? Tried several times with different browsers to input the code it (the official app) gives me and all it does on Amazon's site is sit there "processing" at the message "Wait one moment while we register your TV or device with your account"

Needless to say it never does. Any ideas?

Howdy! Set up my Chromecast last night and it works great. My only "issue" thus far is casting from the YouTube app on my Nexus 4. The "cast icon" is not there, and I expected it would be, and am pretty sure I've seen it there in videos. Under settings it DOES have the Chromecast listed under "Connected TV's"... but still no cast button. Play Movies, Google Music, Netflix, Browser all work fine.

Ideas? Am I missing something?

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Lol what a CROCK.

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