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Brad Esau
An amateur scholar, albeit a highly motivated autodidact one, and writer with numerous interests from neuroscience to music to sports
An amateur scholar, albeit a highly motivated autodidact one, and writer with numerous interests from neuroscience to music to sports

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Huzzah. Sweet vindication ::puffs on cigar::

Okay, this is only a single area of findings and these are mouse models but way back when I started this mad dash quest for "why?" I believed that if there was something going with serotonin in various mood disorders that it was about "wiring" or to do with the neurons themselves more so than what was going on at the synaptic level.

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This is very good.

I often mention "zombie programs" in my blog - subconscious autonomously running "programs" in our brain that perform pretty much everything we do, think, decide, hear, see, experience, believe and so on.

This piece does a real nice job outlining some of what goes on with one such set of zombie programs - those that produce the moving picture show in our minds known as "sight" and how we recognize things.

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I like this a lot.

Via +Laura Gibbs

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The video presentation of the Taming the Polar Bears Introduction to the Stress Response System!

These aren't super professional and smooth just yet but for all of you mental health peeps out there we can still learn a lot here about what's going on with our "polar bears" and how to tame them!

About an hour long which I know in today's world seems dreadfully long but I think this far more important to you (along with related subsequent broadcasts) than most of the stuff that gets watched on TV or online.

I think I start off a bit shaky, so bear with me in the beginning, it starts to pick up steam later on.


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The topic for this week's Taming the Polar Bears webinar.

You don't want to miss this!

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I've been working on this a ton the last several years. Not easy as wide ranging empathy is such a powerful force within many of us.

In any case, I'm happy to report that a lot of progress has been made. Various philosophies or spiritual teachings about the human experience will talk about "scattering or scattered energies". I think this may be a good deal about what is meant by that. When we allow our empathetic responses and pain to be drawn to too many things, it kind of literally scatters - and drains - our energies which leads to all kinds of mental state decline, feelings of helplessness and hopelessness and so on.

This drained helpless feeling ironically and tragically sets us up for getting even more pummeled by empathetic responses and pain at the goings on around the world.

So working on this becomes not only critical for our own well being but to our ability to help out in the world.

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Final posting of this. Rather than posting the video of yesterday's Q&A webinar, I embedded it here along with some of the questions and issues that were discussed so as to put it context and keep the week's topic and discussion in one handy place.

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Would have been Charles Mingus's 92nd birthday today.

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Final reminder for the webinar tomorrow!

This post contains a summary of talking points and an embedded video of my introductory talk. While these will form the basis for discussion and questions, any and all questions you might have regarding depression are welcome!

Again, the date is tomorrow (Sunday).

Time is 8am Pacific Daylight Time. Please consult any number of handy online time conversion tables for times in your area (just google 'time converter').

Hope to see you there!
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