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Moving Pictures is now archived. Please visit the CSWE website for education
resources and contact us with any

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<i>Cimarrón Spirit</i> explores a Dominican Republic culture.
In time for Black History Month is the release of Cimarrón Spirit , a film that explores the culture and beliefs of the cimarrones —people in the Dominican Republic who trace their heritage to escaped African slaves and the Taíno Indians. Through their cele...

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Latest Media & Arts: Aging in Prison; Metaphor, Diversity, and Poetry
The Integrated Arts & Media presentations from CSWE's 61st Annual Program Meeting have been posted. These presentations include a lesson plan composed of at least one EPAS competency , one liberal arts area, and one audio/video element. Integrating Media an...

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Audience Choice Awardees, CSWE 2015 Film Festival.
Director Maureen Fura and Sacramento’s KVIE Public Television are the recipients of the CSWE Audience Choice Award for their respective documentaries  Dark Side of the Full Moon  and  A New State of Mind: Ending the Stigma of Mental Illness , featured at th...

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American Indian Heritage Month: <br> <i>Bringing Our Children Home.</i>
November is American Indian Heritage Month. The Mississippi Administrative Office of Courts/Court Improvement Program, the National Resource Center on Legal and Judicial
Issues, and the National Resource Center for Tribes have developed the documentary Bri...

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National Adoption Month: <i>Feeling Wanted</i>.
In time for November's National Adoption Month is a new short documentary, Feeling Wanted , by Yasmin Mistry of the Foster Care Film and Engagement Project  that strives to "dispel negative stereotypes about foster care." It follows the journey of an Africa...

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<i>Stage Presence</i> receives CSWE Virtual Ovation Award.
Filmmakers Hannah Merritt (left) and Flannery Wasson Stage Presence , a documentary by University of Arkansas graduates Hannah Merritt and Flannery Wasson that features a bi-gender drag queen and a female comedian, has received the CSWE 2015 Virtual Ovation...

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Film study guide, <i>American Heart</i>.
A new, free  film study guide  has been posted for American Heart , Chris Newberry's film on refugee health care that was part of the  CSWE 2014 Film Festival . The award-winning documentary takes viewers on an intimate journey into the lives of three refug...

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Time's running out: CSWE 2015 Virtual Film Festival.
View and rate the nine student films in CSWE's 2015 Virtual Film Festival  before the festival closes on September 14. The winning film (determined by audience rankings) will receive a $500 prize. Listen to Elizabeth Foxwell, CSWE's film festival coordinato...

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Film study guide,</br> <i>Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall</i>.
There's a new, free film study guide for Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall , the film directed by Edgar Barens that was the Audience Choice Award winner from the CSWE 2014 Film Festival . The Oscar-nominated film breaks through the walls o...
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