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This Camper May Look Odd, But Once You See Inside, You'll Wish You Owned One. ... "These days, camping is incredibly popular. From huge RVs to ultralight one-man tents, there's something for everyone in the great outdoors. Few people know that recreational camping's popularity owes to Henry Ford's own outdoor excursions, taken with friends such as Thomas Edison and a real estate agent named Edward Kingsford. These trips not only served to popularize camping among the wealthy, they also led to the creation of charcoal briquettes. Selling grills and charcoal directly through his dealerships, Ford neatly packaged the concept of camping, and forever tied it to the freedom he offered with his automobiles.

By the 1950s, Americans couldn't get enough of the outdoors, even if they liked to take a little bit of home with them. The Markies trailer certainly continues that tradition, even if it was designed half a world away.

Created by Dutch designer Eduard Bohtlingk in 1985, the Markies camper masquerades as an unassuming box. When the sides come down, it's soon apparent that this is no ordinary trailer.

Vinyl awnings and clever, collapsible furniture allow this camper to expand into a comfortable, fashionable home away from home. ..."

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