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DIY Skin Care

Is it possible to introduce a "favorite" functionality for a post? It can be helpful in the following scenario, For example a post contains a video or a link,a user may wish to visit the link/ or watch the video at a later period, the purpose of it would be to act like a bookmark,the location of it can be below Home button

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Silly beans are silly.

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sweet, melodious, enchanting. sanskrit verse at

the canvas idea for a profile page is awesome \m/   #googleplus  

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Happy Thanksgiving. Here's an interesting article about what it's like to experience #ingress .


"I found the game, which is currently available only to Android smartphone users who have received an invitation to play, surprisingly addictive—especially considering my usual apathy for gaming."

"A few hours later, much of my progress was undone by a member of Enlightened (Ingress helpfully sends e-mail notifications about such things). I was surprised by how much this pissed me off—I wanted to get those portals back for the Resistance, but pouring rain and the late hour stopped me."

"Playing Ingress was a lot more fun than I expected, and from the excited chatter in the game’s built-in chat room, it was clear I wasn’t the only one getting into it."

"On my way back from a meeting, I couldn’t help but keep an eye out for portals, ducking into an alley to attack one near my office. Later, I found myself poring over the larger map on my office computer, looking at the spread of portals and control fields around the Bay Area."

"As it turns out, my parents live in an area dominated by the Enlightened. So I guess I’ll be busy attacking enemy portals in my hometown this weekend."

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Spot on #ted   #tedtalk  

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