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Tina Kelley
Who's idea was this anyway??
Who's idea was this anyway??

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Sign that you should just turn around and leave #starbucks   .. When you order a Salted Caramel Mocha and the barista asks you if you want coffee in it... #saywhat  

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The craziness of #BacktoSchool  will soon be setting in, if it hasn't already. Don't let the eating habits of your kids suffer because schedules make it hard. Check out these 5 tips to keep your active kids eating healthy! #HorizonB2S 

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If you are in the market for a new phone and plan for your kids or even yourself, check out Walmart Family Mobile! They offer great plans and even allow you to use your own phone or buy one of theirs.. #Phones4School #shop

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Needed a newer look :)

Finished Day 2 of the #Advocare 24 Day Challenge.. Other that the horse pill sized supplements I have to take it's pretty easy. Tomorrow I hit the gym for the first time in.. yeah, I don't even remember..
Anyone else done the #24DayChallenge?

I have so much work to do and instead I'm lurking around Google+ .. OY

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Oh goodness.. One are of my life I've been trying to work on is dressing better.. I love +marlynn schotland's accessories!

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Great ideas on how to sell all those used electronics around your house for extra cashola..

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I'm trying out something new on the my blog starting today.. It may be my days as a Catholic coming out of me.. I give you Friday Confessional...
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