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small wayne won't come at wang so wang take matters into own hands. small wayne ain't even close to wang and forced to rub own anal glands. he try to come at wang quick, but wang has more than enough quick. wang stabbed the faggot's urethra and dick with the tip of his opium ice pick. wang's bars doper than an acid trip these other mc's stinking up the game like pile of catshit. keep pushing out studio albums and a bunch of other wack shit. wang and krack stay true to hip hoop roots bitchass rapper pretend to be packing gat but don't even shoot. wang and krack keep the bars coming spraying bullets of lyrical truth. something good for the america soul chinaman bowl of chicken soup. whiteman says Rick Ross and wang says who? that fat blackman trying to be gangsta but really a fake. prisonguard Rick Ross equivalent to cooking in whiteman kicken like bitch with apron. whitebitch tells wang Drake her favorite rapper. wang take cleaver and crack her over skull til whiteman bitch can't even say it after. the same cleaver wang used to chop off Bobby Brown's dick. he said he lost his rhythm so wang dug up whitney houston and helped him find it. wang spit in booth and leave bigtime producer astounded. wang prefers to live in circular house cause wang roundhousin. wang hopes to one day uncover all vagina tucked under whiteman bitch blouses. slip many roofies into thirsty whiteman bitch mouths-and, take them out behind cousin dry cleaner and start pounding.

Wang and Krack here to stay. #RickRosscansuckourwhiteandchinamandick  
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"wang stabbed the faggot's urethra and dick with the tip of his opium ice pick"  Fuck Yeaaa
LMFAO !!!  u guys r so Gangsta
you write pretty good +Wang Long i still think you're a faggot though. i'm sorry :(. i have anger issues due to the size of my miniscule penis.
Listen up Wang you wanted a Rap. Please just stop with your bullshit chinaman act. You wanna dig up Whitney Houston to get Bobby Browns dick, a dick thats the size of a fuckin Mini Bic. Whos this dude Krack? A white man that battle raps? Id slap him so hard hed have a cryin fit. So go back to suckin on your mamas tits +Krack White before you get lit up like a goddamn lite brite. And to you +Richard Shaftstreet ive got a big shaft for you. I gave it a nickname, I call it Wang Long.  Now back to you Mr. Long, are you a member of the of the Viet Cong? Do you smoke weed out of a bamboo bong? I order food from your family and they pack it in a little white box. When they get to my house i kill em and throw them in my big ice box. Us white men are cold. What well do is untold. So keep your yellow ass off of my threshold. How about i throw you in a bamboo cage and let you feel all my rage. When your dad reads the paper youll be on the front page. MISSING. Or maybe ill beat you with a bat when your eating a cat You little sewer rat. I hope your rap career doesnt get any harder. Maybe you shouldnt have bombd Pearl Harbor. I gotta go now Wang, the phone that your 5 year old brother made just rang. +Rob Mitrano 
talkin bout white man being cold, well ima take you down under the bridge and fuck that ass hole, by three different dicks, cuz you a lil bitch, don't evah fuck with a krack head, or instead you end up dead, buttfucked and in a ditch, killed with a trailer hitch, my mommas been dead for 6 years, but i know one of your fears, is to watch yours get raped, being gaped, by me and fave friends, its close to the end, for her cuz im talking two dicks to every hole, thats my goal, i shoot high obviously higher than you, cuz you aint gotta clue, talking bout bombing pearl harbor, maybe you should try a lil harder, and get your shit straight, like you aint, wang is a china man, not a fucking slant eyed wee man from japan, hey josh your nothing but a mommas boy sucking on the clit, eating out ass after she shits?, and hey +Joshua Gardner, did your dad ever make you make his dick harder, ever accidentally cum on the face, of maybe even fart on that face, getting that pink eye, not the real prize, for you was when your dad doing anal style, on your eight year old brother, not your skank ass mother, cuz she was working the streets, in the steamy city heat, sucking the dick for only five dolla, made plenty of niggas holla

word up pussy, +Krack White coming at ya, dont fuck with oik, cuz we'll bring death your way
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