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Day 365 - Time to drink, not to eat
I was really looking forward to making this recipe.  Amazingly, and possibly for the first time this year, I already had the correct ingredients at home.  Yay for me! I started preparing this early yesterday morning.  Firstly, I removed the bottles of champ...

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Day 364 - Racasse with lemon
Last night I cooked a dish that I reckon just narrowly misses making it into the top 10 for the year.  Racasse is the French word for Scorpion fish which I can't get here.  The alternative was Red Snapper which I also couldn't get, so I went with Gold Band ...

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Day 363 - Squid risotto
Last night I made the last risotto for the year.  Thank goodness for that.  Because I was struggling to be bothered I didn't do it exactly as you would do a risotto, which was probably a bit naughty. Firstly I fried some French shallots, asparagus and capsi...

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Day 361 - Stir-fried cuttlefish with garlic AND Day 362 - Panna cotta
I made two dishes again yesterday.  I decided I'd just serve the first one in a big bowl, give everyone a fork and people could help themselves. I couldn't be bothered trying to find cuttlefish so I went with squid tubes instead.  Firstly I sliced them into...

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Day 359 - Summertime spring rolls AND Day 360 - Rhubarb and berry compote
I managed to get two dishes done yesterday.  One for lunch and one to have for dessert after devouring yet another mountain of Christmas leftovers. Lunch was Summertime spring rolls.  I only made these for Matt, Emily and myself and I must say it was nice t...

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Day 355 - French-style peas (take 2) AND Day 356 - Carrots in colour (take 2) AND Day 357 - Leeks in a herb vinaigrette (take 2) AND Day 358 - Buche de Noel
So it's Christmas Day.  The actual recipe for today was a dessert, however I still needed to catch up on three recipes I've had to skip due to ingredients not being available.  I decided since I'd be cooking a whole heap of side dishes for Christmas Day tha...

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Day 354 - Christmas biscuits
Of course as Christmas arrives, Mr Reyanud's recipes turn to baking.  Brilliant.  Not.  For Christmas Eve I had to make biscuits.  I have to say I'd rather make biscuits than a cake any day, but it's still not my idea of fun.  Luckily these were pretty stra...

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Day 353 - Sardines grilled with rosemary
I cooked this dish what seems like years ago.  It was quite a while ago though.  Last Sunday to be exact.  I forgot how busy it gets around Christmas time so I've got lots to catch up on.   I was looking forward to this dish as the sardine recipe I'd made a...

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Day 352 - Duck terrine
I actually made yesterday's dish on Friday as it needed to chill for 24 hours.  I wasn't sure how this would go.  I've become a fan of the terrine, but mostly the seafood or vege ones.  The rabbit one was okay but certainly not a favourite and I figured thi...

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Day 351 - Pissaladiére
Well, doesn't this recipe have an unusual name!  As it turns out it has nothing to do with going to the toilet but it is in fact  a focaccia-type dish made in the Italian region of  Uiguria, especially in the Province of Imperia, and in adjacent districts i...
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