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Everyone of us has an opinion.  But the family has chosen to leave the public eye and people are still not happy.  People had grown tired of the public why are we so interested still?  Let them be.  Because they say she is better doesn't mean miracles have happened...just means the body's deterioration has leveled off for now.  The truth will be revealed to the family.  It's none of our business.  It's their fight to fight...their grief to mourn....let them be.
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If funds were donated, they were donated out of kindness and compassion.  If you give me a dime, it then becomes my do with as I will....however in this instance I can see the need for complete disclosure ...if funds truly were donated.  I do think however, for the peace of the family, they do not need to disclose the location of this child.  And if you are not compassionate enough to see how much pain the public was heaping on this family, there's not much that I can say to make you understand it. 
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