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App and Web Developer / Designer

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Is there a Community on Google+ like this for Chrome OS developers?

I'm interested in a helpful group like this but less oriented on the latest hardware that is being released.

Really frustrated with the Google API documentation. Even beyond The Chrome OS APIs and Chrome Browser APIs having the same name when saved with a bookmark.

Hate to have to hang out on Stack Overflow if there is a good development community. 

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What is up with the icons? I'm assuming the "G" on a yellow tile is "Material Design" and this legacy Google Drive icon will be updated?

Anyone else seeing this kind of stuff? (Both icons in opposite corners are Google Drive)


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I just learned that Google Chrome has built in developer editor that includes predictive typing for syntax.

My one issue with Drive Notepad is that it doesn't support offline editing. This does ...

Why doesn't the Drive Notepad work off line? That is the only thing that stops me from using it as my go to editor. I hope I'm missing something simple. 

With regards to Android on Chrome OS, it seems inevitable, given the recent news, however, is there really a lot here?

If android developers are going to have to port apps, re do assets, develop for new screen sizes -- are they?

It's not like they couldn't do all that already.

I also worry that it may bloat the current OS and may make things unstable for awhile as the two platforms try to merge.

Many are excited over the pending changes, not me. 

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This is true for me. 

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Watch where it lands. 
Wheel it's been fun... I'm out of here!
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Here is something you don't see everyday. 

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Coolest thing I've seen today. 
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