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Global strategy with ground breaking factory
Booming UK hot tub and swim spa distributor Superior Spas has announced ambitious global growth plans after breaking ground on a gigantic factory in China to ensure complete control of its own brand manufacturing.
Superior Spas has proclaimed that its new state-of-the-art 400,000 sq ft factory, located in HuBei, will be the largest hot tub manufacturing facility in the world and will give the company the capacity to further expand into manufacturing for other hot tub firms. Coupled with a new distribution centre being constructed in Chesterfield, the radical growth strategy will see the rapidly expanding outfit become one of the largest spa and hot tub firms in the global market at a time when many businesses are struggling to shake off post-Brexit fears.
Managing Director Rob Carlin believes that the very ambitious plans and radical move to build a new production facility in China, pictured, will be a ‘game changer’ for Superior Spas; while helping to create substantial additional job opportunities as part of targeting growth outside of Europe.
“This is a very exciting time for Superior Spas and we are striding forwards with confidence as we realise our very ambitious growth plans,” said Rob.
“Having our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is a game changer for the Superior Spas brand and one that will elevate us to an international presence outside of Europe for the first time.
“This will also mean we create more jobs, bring more to the local economy at home and generate more export and import business.”
The firm initially expects to create 20 new jobs in the UK and hundreds of new roles in China. Production at the factory will commence in March with Superior Spas products being moved from the current manufacturer to the firm’s own factory over the course of the next 12 months. The firm’s full range of Platinum Spas and swim spas will be taken in-house.
Sales Director Gareth Ward has reported that the colossal Chinese factory will maintain a stock of 2,000 units and provide the capability to produce bespoke designs for clients and allow Superior Spas to extend its customer base throughout the world.
“When the brand new Superior Spas factory comes online fully in March of this year, we’ll be able to stock 900 hot tubs in the UK at any one time as well as keep over 2000 units in stock in China,” said Gareth.
“What’s more, this means we can explore new business partnerships with the option to extend manufacturing services to other hot tub brands looking for a specialist manufacturer for their own product lines.
“Our clients will have the option to build their own brand of spas in our factory, give us more opportunity to grow our product range and customer base.”
Superior Spas Head of Marketing Rob White believes the move will provide total control over production and provide the capability to cater for demand from a global audience.
“Having our own manufacturing facility is massive,” declared Rob; “It means we can control every aspect of quality and production schedules, reduce costs, create jobs, open up big new markets and give us the opportunity to sell to a worldwide audience from one of the most prosperous regions in the world.”
After achieving success through its hot tub and swim spa dealer network in the domestic market with WhatSpa? Best Buy Award and WhatSwimSpa? Best Buy Award-winning models, Superior Spas has also set its sights on gaining a major share of the hot tub holiday market after Sykes Holiday Cottages, the UK’s leading and fastest-growing independent holiday home provider with a vast portfolio of more than 10,000 properties, signed an ‘Approved Supplier’ deal with the company last year for its new range of Holiday Let Hot Tubs.
This range has made an immediate impact with the holiday park trade audience and recently gained an additional boost after being bestowed with a brace of WhatSpa? Holiday Park Magazine Best Buy Awards in the inaugural edition of the trade publication.
Coming in at 195 x 195 x 90cm, the six-seater Superior Spas Holiday Let 6; which incorporates a lounge seat in its design; has made an award-winning debut in the magazine, along with the imposing eight-seater Superior Spas Holiday Let 8; which comes in at 348 x 234 x 117cm and also has a lounge seat incorporated in its design.
Demand has grown for domestic hot tubs that can be used to help comply with HSG282 during the past year since Superior Spas launched its dedicated options to the holiday park market and the company’s
Superior Spas Operations Manager John Harrold revealed that demand from the holiday park sector has grown in the past year and believes more hot tubs will be appearing on sites in the future to help increase booking demand even further for hot tub holidays.
“Hot tubs are helping holiday parks to generate high levels of bookings,” said John. “Since we’ve launched our own dedicated models for this sector we’ve had Sykes Holidays come on board and there has continued to be a lot of interest and demand from this sector.”
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Fantastic four gain service gratitude
Hot tub and wet leisure product specialist Golden Coast has praised four loyal members of staff who have clocked up more than 50 years of service between them with the company.
Sarah Huxtable, Lynne Walker, Emma Robinson and Andy Raymont have become the latest recipients of long-service awards from the Barnstaple-based company, which will be exhibiting at SPATEX at the end of the month at the Ricoh Arena, from January 29 to 31.
With her 20 years at Golden Coast, Sarah Huxtable certainly deserves the long-service gratitude after being part of a lot of developments during the past two decades in the Admin Team where she carries out her secretarial duties and backs up other team members. This is truly demonstrated by her hard work, enthusiasm and dedication to the company.
Lynne Walker, another member of the company’s busy and hardworking Admin Team, has passed her ten years with Golden Coast and is a specialist in the financial side of the company with a crucial responsibility for the Purchase Ledger. Working tirelessly on setting out to get the job done, Lynne’s commitment has really shone throughout the years.
Also reaching her decade with Golden Coast is Office Manager Emma Robinson. She puts her exceptional organisational skills to good use, ensuring her growing team of administrative staff offer colleagues and customers a first-class service.
A key player in the Warehouse and Distribution team at Golden Coast, Andy Raymont has been working as a Supervisor for 10 years. He has specific responsibility for overseeing the day-to-day despatch of the increasing number of customer orders processed through the business.
Golden Coast Managing Director Jamie Adams, pictured third from the left during the long service presentation to Lynne, Sarah, Emma and Andy,revealed that it has been an honour to work with the four long-service award recipients and highlighted that their efforts have helped the company to achieve success during the past decade.
“We enjoy rewarding our staff for their commitment towards the company and it’s great to see four members achieve this award in the same year,” said Jamie; “That is certainly something to celebrate.
“It’s been an honour to work with Sarah, Lynne, Emma and Andy. They’ve helped us get to where we are today, and I look forward to working with them for many more years to come.”
Register now for SPATEX at For stand bookings for SPATEX contact the SPATEX team via email: or or directly by telephone on: +44 (0) 1264 358558.
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Sallie illustrates how hot tubs change lives
BISHTA PR and Marketing Manager Sallie Leslie-Golding has become another example of how hot tubs can change lives after years of helping the industry association to promote the benefits of quality hydrotherapy to prospective consumers.
After suffering from severe back and joint pain for over 20 years, Sallie was referred to a Rheumatologist by her doctor, who diagnosed her with Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder, Degenerative Disc Disease and Fibromyalgia.
Sallie was also within weeks diagnosed by a cardiologist with a mitral valve prolapse, dysautonomia and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. Being suddenly diagnosed with a whole range of health issues came as quite a shock even though Sallie had suffered many of the symptoms for years.
There are medications, which can help relieve some of the symptoms, but Sallie was also interested to seek solutions that were more natural. Taking supplements helped and continuing to practice yoga regularly has also been a help, but Sallie felt that she needed something more to assist her to relax at home, to relieve the aches and pains and get a better night’s sleep.
So, tapping into her hot tub hydrotherapy benefits knowledge, Sallie discussed the idea of purchasing a hot tub with her husband and teenage son and they all agreed that a hot tub at home, pictured, could bring benefits to all of their lives.
“In my time working with the trade association, I have learnt so much about the health benefits of hydrotherapy,” said Sallie; “I am therefore so pleased that I have now been able to purchase my own hot tub.
“Not only has it helped with my muscle and joint pain, but it also helps me to relax and unwind after a busy day.
“However, owning a hot tub has also added to our family life, we have some great conversations in our hot tub, there are no distractions from electrical devices so it’s just great family time.
“It was very exciting to see the hot tub delivered by crane, it certainly got the neighbours talking and they are all eager to be invited over to take a dip in the tub!”
Meanwhile, leading Coast Spas dealership Award Leisure has achieved another promotional boost for the industry and increased hot tub benefits awareness to consumers by being featured in a newspaper story in the Coventry Telegraph; after helping to transform the bath time experience of a young boy called Jack, who suffers from a debilitating skin condition.
A MicroSilk hot tub was recommended by Jack’s doctor to help soothe the skin due to the positive effect of the MicroSilk bubbles and bathing in warm water. With the help of the charity ‘Georgie’s Gift’, Award Leisure were able to install a Coast Spas Aruba model with MicroSilk technology for Jack to immediately gain the benefits and have a major impact on bath time.
His parents have since reported to Award Leisure how much Jack’s skin has benefited from using the Coast Spas hot tub. With itcthyosis the flaking of the skin can be very painful, and Jack’s mum, Julie, told Award Leisure how many agonising hours she had spent with Jack in the bath trying to exfoliate and treat his skin. Since having the Coast Spas hot tub installed Jack can now relax and play in the water, while his skin is soothed and exfoliated.
“We are delighted to hear how much the MicroSilk hot tub is helping Jack,” said Award Leisure chief Mark Anthony.
“Jack’s mum told us that bath times have gone from cold and boring to 20 minutes of fun.”
In a further boost for good causes Award Leisure’s Charlotte Anthony also completed the Leicester marathon in October to raise money for Parkinson’s Disease ahead of the company helping the ‘Gift to Lift’ charity event during the ‘Great Gatsby Ball’ raise an extra £500 with a donatated prize for the winner to be able to enjoy the benefits of a hot tub for a month from Award Leisure.
The WhatSpa? Approved and WhatSwimSpa? Approved Coast Spas and Regency Collection specialist dealership group now has five showroom locations to cater for greater demand for quality hot tubs, swim spas, saunas and outdoor products and last year once again extended its BISHTA Awards honours list with additional accolades including recognition in the ‘Hot Tubs Change Lives’ category.
Further evidence of the impact that hot tubs can make to families will be highlighted during the presentation of the prestigious BISHTA accolades at the British Pool and Hot Tub Awards, which will honour the best examples in the ‘Hot Tubs Change Lives’ category of the awards during the 2019 presentation ceremony hosted in Coventry this month during SPATEX at the Ricoh Arena.
Register now for SPATEX at For stand bookings for SPATEX, running at the Ricoh Arena from January 29 to 31, contact the SPATEX team via email: or or directly by telephone on: +44 (0) 1264 358558.
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Jacuzzi ‘hat-trick’ ahead of bumper deliveries
Jacuzzi is gearing up to deliver hundreds of hot tubs to holiday park locations after achieving a ‘hat-trick’ of WhatSpa? Holiday Park Special Best Buy Awards ahead of the 2019 hot tub holiday season.
The three-seater Jacuzzi Lodge S, pictured, which comes in at 185 x 165 x 90cm; the five-seater Jacuzzi Lodge M, which comes in at 200 x 185 x 90cm; and the seven-seater Jacuzzi J-280, which comes in at 229 x 229 x 94cm; have all made their debuts in the inaugural seating categories of the prestigious Best Buy Awards dedicated to the hot tub holiday park market in the first issue of WhatSpa? Holiday Park Special magazine.
It is an extra boost for the iconic brand that has reported bumper sales, including 300 hot tubs for one single customer, following extensive marketing for its Lodge Hot Tub Collection and growing demand this year for hot tub holidays.
As an approved Hoseasons supplier, Jacuzzi is one of the established leading brands in the hot tub holiday market and Jacuzzi National Sales Manager Martyn Winstone believes that hot tubs have now become an essential product for holiday parks to increase their bookings and profitability.
“Hot tubs have become a proven product to help boost bookings and the demand from the holiday park market has been increasing rapidly and there has been higher multiple orders of hot tubs this year,” said Martyn.
“We are one of the main advocated suppliers for the UK holiday destinations promoted by Hoseasons and they are currently encouraging more sites and holiday cottage owners to adopt hot tubs.
“This year we’ve experienced further demand, due to the increasing popularity of hot tub holidays, and have recently taken an order for 300 hot tubs from a single company. Another traditional holiday park company has just put eight of our models on their site and they have reported that their hot tub accommodation has been booked out solid as a result.”
After attending the Hoseasons conference in the autumn Martyn has reported that the trend for hot tub holidays is set to continue with stronger demand expected from holiday parks seeking quality hot tubs that help to comply with HSG282 guidance from the Health and Safety Executive.
“We took part in the Hoseasons conference this year and the event helped to highlight that there is an extremely high and growing demand for hot tub holidays and our customers in this market have been very successful in boosting their bookings after linking up with us,” divulged Martyn.
“The average weekly rental goes up by 63 per cent when hot tubs are included in the package, according to the data that Hoseasons has obtained from the market.
“There is no doubt that this trend is going to continue and holiday parks who have not yet installed hot tubs are missing out on a lucrative revenue stream that other holiday destinations are already taking advantage of.
“Hot tubs are the number one accessory searched for by British holidaymakers online and as well as increasing occupancy by at least 25 per cent, they can also drive up the consistency of bookings and increase demand in out of season bookings. Our clients have invested in quality products and promote the fact that they are offering luxury hot tub experiences as part of their accommodation packages and are reaping the rewards with high booking levels.
“Our hot tubs are built to last. So, there is a lucrative opportunity for holiday companies to achieve high levels of return on their investment.”
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Ocean of spas for SPATEX 2019
SPATEX organisers have declated that hot tub dealers will be able to plunge into an ‘ocean of spas’ during the 2019 edition of the wet leisure showcase at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.
While making the final preparations to ensure SPATEX builds on its back-to-back success at the West Midlands venue, organiser Michele Bridle has proclaimed that the exhibition, which will be the 20th edition that she has been involved in, will break records and surpass all others on the hot tub product front due to phenomenal demand for stand space from existing exhibitors and new ones making their debuts.
Dealers are now being encouraged to take advantage of a bumper list of hot tub and swim spa product exhibitors by registering for free for the 23rd outing of SPATEX, running from January 29 to 31, as the final countdown begins until the doors open to the packed out Ericsson Exhibition Hall.
Michele has reported that the floorplan for SPATEX 2019 has been ingeniously restructured to provide more space and allow a greater number of larger stands for exhibiting companies. These include: Aqua Warehouse Group, which will be promoting its new European distribution deal for Covana automatic cover systems, as well as its booming American Whirlpool and Vita Spa hot tub and swim spa ranges; Astral; Certikin, distributors of the Caldera Spas and Fantasy Spas hot tubs ranges from Watkins Wellness, Fairlocks, Superior Spas, distributors of the Be Well Spas range, and Villeroy & Boch.
Passion Spas, Riptide Pools, SCP UK, Softub and Wellis will also be among the hot tub and swim spa brands returning to the Ricoh Arena for a successive SPATEX appearance.
Spa Crest Europe, is continuing its long consecutive run at the annual exhibition by introducing a new hot tub brand name to SPATEX and the trade audience with the official launch of the Conquest Spas lines by Saratoga Spas, alongside its other established products Spa Crest, Tuff Spas, and Premium Leisure swim spas for its network of UK dealers.
Spa Solutions will be among the exhibitors showcasing brand debuts at SPATEX including the futuristic Vortex IKON, which incorporates an aluminium composite cabinet and acrylic shell within its design.
Princess Spas and Sunbeach Spas are other exhibitors among the hot tub brands making their debut during the 2019 edition of SPATEX.
Aqua Spa Supplies, pictured, Golden Coast, LaMotte Europe, O-Care, SpaTech Training & 1Stop Spas Trade are also gearing up to promote a wide range of hot tub and swim spa products and accessories to visitors throughout the three days of the exhibition.
“Twenty-eight spa related companies, including some of the biggest names in the business, will be exhibiting at SPATEX 2019,” reported Michelle.
“Last year, the exhibition hall was a sea of spas. I can confidently predict that in 2019 we will have an ocean!
“We’ve never had so many spa related companies and amongst all the familiar names we will be welcoming a lot of new blood. A lot of the stands will be showcasing fabulous new models and accessories.
“Take for instance, Spa Solutions which will grandstand the futuristic Vortex IKON spa. Spa Crest is also delighted to announce it has taken on exclusive rights to market the Conquest Spas brand by Saratoga Spas across the UK and will be displaying these at SPATEX alongside its other established products.”
Throughout the three days there will also be a host of hot tub related topics within the bumper programme of seminars organised in conjunction with the Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers (ISPE).
Among the new topics that have recently been scheduled for the opening day of SPATEX is a seminar by Aqua Warehouse Group, on January 29, from 4pm to 4:45pm, to help businesses increase their wet leisure product sales capabilities without impacting on their day-to-day operational activities.
During the following day, on January 30, of SPATEX Liz Holmes from Commercial Spa Strategies, will highlight how to create a profitable spa strategy, from 11:30am to 12noon.
Later in the second day there will be an informative seminar by BISHTA Chairman Chris Hayes who will be speaking on ‘What can we learn from our colleagues around the world?’ from 3:30pm to 4pm.
Throughout the final day, on January 31, The Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) will be hosting a special day of seminars relating to the maintenance of spas dedicated to hot tub and spa professionals, which will be running from 10:15am to 3:30pm.
“Exhibitors and new products aside, the free to attend double seminar and workshop programme will also feature lots of spa related topics providing essential guidance,” reported Michele.
“The SPATEX team are working hard to match, and hopefully surpass, last year’s show where we recorded a fantastic 8.5 per cent increase in visitor numbers. All the ingredients are in place for a fantastic show.”
For further details or to enquire about stand bookings for SPATEX 2019, contact the SPATEX team via email: or or directly by telephone on: +44 (0) 1264 358558.
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European accolades boost for UK trio
Three UK hot tub dealers have gained a marketing boost before the New Year after becoming one of the winners of prestigious awards by the European Union of Swimming Pool and Spa Associations (EUSA).
Jacuzzi specialist retailer Euphoria Lifestyle, which also supplies the European-manufactured Aquavia Spa range, has increased a long list of industry accolades after being bestowed a EUSA award for its entry, pictured, along with Hydropool Devon, and Zen Spas specialist Hot Tub Suppliers, who were among the 26 winners in seven award categories from across the current thirteen EUSA member countries during the recent European Pool & Spa Awards.
The awards are hosted annually at different pool and spa exhibitions across Europe and the 2018 event was the sixth edition of the ceremony that was conducted this year during Piscine Global Europe in Lyon, France.
In the Domestic Hot Tubs category the winners of the 2018 European Pool & Spa Awards were:
GOLD:  Vivell + Co AG – Switzerland
SILVER: Hydropool Devon – UK
BRONZE: Euphoria Lifestyle – UK
BRONZE: Hot Tub Suppliers – UK
While congratulating all the winners EUSA President Mille Örnmark highlighted the work of the ‘world class’ members throughout Europe that are helping to raise the profile of the industry.
“The pool and spa industry is an amazing community and I am honoured to be the president of EUSA,” said Mille.
“The work that our members are doing is world class, and I congratulate all winners on their well-deserved awards.
“I am very proud to be a part of what EUSA represents across Europe and the fantastic work they are doing to lift the professionalism of our great industry.”
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Battle challenge with new Conquest Spas
Expanding distributor Spa Crest Europe is challenging for a greater share of the UK hot tub market after developing a new brand in partnership with Saratoga Spas that will be officially launched in January.
Exclusive to Spa Crest Europe, ‘Conquest Spas‘ by Saratoga Spas are the latest initiative by the Wigan-based distributor in the battle to increase its hot tub dealer network. They are currently being supplied to selective showrooms in the UK and, ahead of the official launch, more stock is becoming available to dealers who can choose from ten models that are the inaugural options within three dedicated lines. These are the Contender Series, the Challenger Series, and Victory Series.
Spa Crest Europe Managing Director Tony Welsby spent time at the Latham-based factory of Saratoga Spas in New York State, during the summer, as part of the development of the new brand title and hot tub selection process; before conducting a recent trial period in the UK involving four of the new Conquest Spas options.
As part of the collaboration with the team at Saratoga Spas, Tony has selected ten of the manufacturer’s best-sellers to create the new brand and its three dedicated series. Each of the Contender, Challenger and Victory Series ranges have differing features and many of the hot tub model options are produced with state-of-the-art hydrotherapy functionality and ‘industry-first’ features that are totally unique to Saratoga Spas, which has been manufacturing quality hot tubs since 1984 and is part of the Imperial Pools company that is one of America’s top liner pool manufacturers.
The Contender Series has been launched with the Grandeur, Valiant, Concourse and Celebration models. The Challenger Series includes the Majesty SE, and Conqueror SE; while the Victory Series includes the Realm, the Laurel, the Elation, and the Baroque.
As well as the domestic range of Conquest Spas, a range of four ‘Holiday Let’ hot tub models, that have been designed to be fully compliant with HSG282 guidance from the Health and Safety Executive in regard to those running hot tub holiday businesses, will also be available to cover the specific requirements of holiday parks that Spa Crest Europe dealers service. As part of its launch marketing campaign, the Conquest Spas Holiday Let range will have its own dedicated brochure and spec sheets.
In recent years Spa Crest Europe has gained additional distribution deals for top quality brands to build on the success it has achieved with WhatSpa? Best Buy Award-winning Spa Crest hot tubs. It now has WhatSpa? Best Buy Award-winning Tuff Spas and Premium Leisure swim spas, along with the new Conquest Spas models, in its growing stable of options for current and prospective dealers.
This is a bold move by the Lancashire-based distribution outfit that has developed its dealer network in the UK by utilising the SPATEX exhibition platform for many years, including successive annual appearances showcasing Spa Crest hot tubs when the wet leisure extravaganza was hosted in Brighton; before continuing the run after the exhibition relocated to the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. Now Tony and his team are preparing to develop additional dealer relationships to compliment the distribution partnerships with USA brands.
As he has done with the previous undertakings to secure promotional success in the UK market for the Tuff Spas and Premium Leisure brands, Tony will be officially launching the new Conquest Spas brand and the ten models within the three series at SPATEX 2019, running from January 29 to 31, as part of the early New Year promotional and marketing activities to help attract retailers to build on the roll out to selective dealership showrooms.
Initially, as part of a trial period during the autumn, four Conquest Spas models from the Saratoga Spas production line were showcased at the Spa Crest Europe headquarters in Goose Green, Wigan, to allow consumers and existing retailers to view them and provide their feedback.
Following this successful trial period, three containers of hot tubs have now been delivered to the UK with models from the respective trio of series.
“Like everything we do at Spa Crest Europe, we wanted to try all aspects of the products out first in the UK,” explained Tony.
“Our first container arrived in the beginning of August. After a few weeks of trialling the product to our retail customers and inviting dealers to come and see four of the models at our UK HQ in Wigan, we were then fully satisfied with the product and what we wanted to achieve with the models.
“We are now onto our third container and a number of our dealers are already displaying and retailing Conquest Spas. Although we are open now for enquiries from potential new dealers with regards to taking the products, we will be having a full launch of Conquest Spas at SPATEX 2019.”
Visitors to SPATEX can gain further information about becoming a retailer of the Conquest Spas ranges of hot tubs on Stand C50, where a ‘Holiday Let’ hot tub will also be on display and details will also be available for this range for HSG282 compliance.
For stand bookings for SPATEX 2019, running at the Ricoh Arena from January 29 to 31, contact the SPATEX team via email: or or directly by telephone on: +44 (0) 1264 358558.
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Holiday hot tub awards boost
Holiday park hot tub specialist Park Leisure Solutions Limited has been celebrating the honour of being bestowed with multiple prestigious Best Buy Awards in the first edition of WhatSpa? Holiday Park Special magazine.
Poole-based Park Leisure Solutions has now been given a tremendous boost for its bid to gain a greater share of the hot tub holiday market after gaining WhatSpa? Holiday Park Special Best Buy Award status for the new compact four-seater 202-PKS model, the six-seater 203-PKS model and the imposing eight-seater S106-PKS design.
The 202-PKS, pictured, has a 1108 litres capacity and was officially launched during the autumn at the Lawns Show in Cottingham, near Hull; after being designed and manufactured in response to holiday park customer’s requests for a hot tub option with a full body lounge seat, coupled with comfortable open seating to accommodate four adults.
These models, with Suresteel galvanized steel frames and Poolspa Rolux thermal retention insulation as standard, have been manufactured in the USA to help holiday park operators to meet the Health and Safety Executive guidance set out in HSG282 in relation to domestic hot tubs being used in a ‘business’ environment on holiday parks or as part of hire accommodation at holiday cottages and lodges.
After working closely with the American production team and one of the biggest health and safety consultancies in the UK, Park Leisure Solutions has now been rewarded for its commitment to the hot tub holiday market with WhatSpa? Holiday Park Special Best Buy Award status ahead of the 2019 holiday season.
To compliment the award-winning hot tub range that also includes the three-seater 201-PKS and seven-seater 204-PKS, Park Leisure Solutions; which is an approved supplier to Hoseasons and Parkdean Resorts; has also launched the UK-designed Climacube Heat System to help holiday park businesses to run their hot tubs more efficiently and ensure a greater return on investment with enhanced profitability.
With major UK park operators already using or ordering the Climacube Heat System, Park Leisure Solutions believes that the cutting-edge design is set to revolutionise the commercial hot tub and spa industry.
Backed by a worldwide patent, the Climacube Water Heat System works off a standard 13 amp power supply and can either be supplied from new or retro fitted to any contemporary hot tub or spa.
Park Leisure Solutions Limited Managing Director Stuart Mulchay revealed that testing has shown that the Climacube Water Heating System will have a dramatic double impact for the environment and customers by helping hot tub owners to significantly cut their running costs thanks to its advanced energy-efficient capabilities.
He reported that in test results against current conventional heating systems the Climacube saved on average just under 60 per cent less time to heat up a hot tub and an 85.7 per cent reduction in energy cost.
“Our design offers the very latest energy saving heat technology,” said Stuart; “Dramatically reducing running costs, reducing the carbon footprint and enabling customers to use their hot tubs and spas all year round, at the desired temperature without the concern of cost.”
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Marquis gains Holiday Park ‘hat-trick’ honour
USA hot tub and swim spa manufacturer Marquis has gained a ‘hat-trick’ of Best Buy Awards after creating a trio of fully HSG282 compliant ‘business use’ domestic hot tubs for a specialist ‘Holiday Park’ range.
The rising popularity of hot tub holidays has resulted in the increasing demand for quality ‘business use’ domestic models that help to comply with HSG282 guidance from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and this year employee-owned Marquis has reacted by launching the Holiday Park Escape, the Holiday Park Getaway, and the Holiday Park Relax. They have various seating configurations but have all been produced with strict manufacturing standards to ensure that functionality and design features are truly applicable to the UK’s holiday park market by being fully HSG282 compliant.
This production commitment for Marquis dealers in the UK to meet the demand from this thriving market has now been rewarded with the manufacturer gaining three prestigious WhatSpa? Holiday Park Special Best Buy Awards accolades.
In the inaugural edition of WhatSpa? Holiday Park Special the diminutive three-seater Holiday Park Relax, which comes in at 152 x 213 x 75cm, has gained its first Best Buy Award in the one to four seat category.
Coming in at 213 x 213 x 91cm, the five-seater Holiday Park Getaway, pictured, has gained a Best Buy Award in the five to six-seater category; while the imposing seven-seater Holiday Park Escape, which comes in at 220 x 220 x 91cm; has secured the triple honour and the hat-trick of Best Buy Awards by making its debut  in the seven-seater and above category of the WhatSpa? Holiday Park Special magazine.
Standard features of these three HSG282 fully compliant models, which meet the 250L per bather guidance, include a self-dosing in-line sanitisation system, ozone secondary sanitisation, 2” Quick Drain, continuous water filtration, and total turnover time in less than 15 minutes.
Marquis, which recently helped to grant its 800th Make-A-Wish donation with a Euphoria hot tub model to a boy with cerebral palsy in Minnesota, has also revealed that this trio will be expanded with further models. The latest designs follow in the footsteps of the specialised Holiday Vegas hot tub that paved the way for its successors, after making its debut last year and helping to gain immediate sales success.
Major orders for the Marquis models have been obtained from Forest Holidays; who have now become the first holiday chain to gain ‘Certified Hot Tub Technician’ status after successful tuition by SpaTech Training; which has now developed a new ‘Holiday Park Safe Operator Course’ that will be available from January 2019.
Managing Director of the training scheme Chris Brady, who operates his WhatSpa? Approved hot tub and swim spa 1 Stop Spas dealership in Lincolnshire, has helped Marquis to develop the new holiday park range and has been instrumental in Forest Holidays becoming one of the first companies to introduce it to their holiday park sites.
“Marquis has reacted to the demand by listening to our requirements and producing a specialist range of fully HSG282 compliant models that have been specifically designed and manufactured for the holiday park market to ensure they tick all of the boxes of the HSG282 guidance,” said Chris.
“Due to the initial success of their first holiday park hot tub, and the increasing demand from the market, Marquis has now accelerated its development of this range to launch the three new models this year ahead of the 2019 season.
“Since it was launched last year, there is more awareness about HSG282. The new Marquis models will now help us to provide more choice for holiday parks and holiday cottage owners to comply with this HSE guidance.
“These Holiday Park hot tubs have different seating configurations so that can be matched up to the capacity of accommodation being provided by our hot tub holiday business clients.
“It will help them to maximise their bookings and increase revenue, while ensuring that they have a ‘business use’ hot tub that they can hire out in accordance with HSG282 requirements.”
Dan Johnson, who won the ‘Paul Kite Award for the Pool Star of the Year’ at the 2011 SPATA Awards ceremony, serves the flourishing Marquis dealer network in the UK and believes that the latest holiday park hot tubs from the thriving manufacturing company will prove to be a hit in this market.
“These hot tubs have been designed specifically to meet all of the HSG282 guidance, but they also have a lot of elements that have made Marquis so popular in the international hot tub market,” reported Dan.
“We’ve been very pleased with the interest that the launch of these products has generated and we’re looking to progress the good quality sales leads from holiday businesses that want to increase their bookings with our fully HSG282 compliant hot tubs.”
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Holiday park focus for new title
WhatSpa? Media Group has launched a new magazine to help businesses in the UK’s thriving hot tub holiday market navigate the process of ensuring HSG282 compliance by purchasing quality hot tubs from professional suppliers.
WhatSpa? Holiday Park Special magazine now joins its sister publications WhatSpa?, WhatSwimSpa?, and WhatSwimmingPool?, in the expanded WhatSpa? Media Group’s list of specialist magazine titles. The established magazines currently provide advice and guidance for the consumer audience; while the new title is directed at business owners who operate in the holiday market and are currently seeking to purchase hot tubs for the first time or replace existing hot tubs for their holiday accommodation.
Leading suppliers are reporting that holiday park operators are investing heavily in hot tubs for their guest accommodation and WhatSpa? Holiday Park Special will now provide guidance to enable businesses in this lucrative sector select only quality models designed specifically for this market by established manufacturers based in the UK, Europe, the USA and Canada.
New designs of domestic hot tubs for ‘business use’ are being launched to the market in time to be installed for the 2019 season; and to help hot tub holiday businesses draw up their shortlists before purchasing they can now refine their choices with the inaugural WhatSpa? Holiday Park Special Best Buy Awards.
Meanwhile, one of the key elements of the launch issue of WhatSpa? Holiday Park Special is that it provides a wealth of guidance and expert tips to encourage hot tub holiday businesses to utilise quality HSG 282  compliant hot tubs as part of a ‘best practice’ policy for ensuring high levels of return on their investment.
HSG 282, published by the Health and Safety Executive in January 2017, has had a major impact on the way that businesses should operate safely in the hot tub holiday market and; as well as having its own dedicated HSG 282 feature focus in the launch issue; this critical guidance is highlighted throughout the magazine.
A host of top suppliers to the hot tub holiday sector have contributed to the magazine’s content, while features within the launch issue include contributions from leading representatives within the holiday park market.
Specialist ‘guide’ features to help businesses get to grips with purchasing, installing and operating appropriate ‘business use’ domestic hot tubs and complying with HSG282 include: ‘Spa Buyer’s Guide’, ‘Spa Masterclass’, ‘Testing Testing!’ and ‘Water Care Explained’.
‘Hot Products’ also highlights a selection of the latest wet leisure accessories that can take the strain out of running hot tub accommodation; and these include the new Covana Horizon automatic cover system for hot tubs, pictured, which is being distributed to dealerships throughout the UK and Europe exclusively by Aqua Warehouse Group, and the latest Spin Lab mobile hot tub water testing technology being promoted by LaMotte Europe. Additional features also provide advice on how to enhance profitability and customer enjoyment of hot tubs as part of a luxury hot tub accommodation package.
WhatSpa? Media Group Editor-in-Chief Nick Clamp believes this is the perfect time to launch a specialist business guide magazine for the hot tub holiday sector; as the market is currently flourishing after experiencing a wave of unprecedented demand this year, which has been boosted by a summer of exceptional weather and the launch of specialist products that are showcased in the first issue of WhatSpa? Holiday Park Special.
“We’re delighted that the launch of WhatSpa? Holiday Park Special will play an important role to help increase the awareness of HSG282 compliance and the critical importance of correct hot tub purchasing from respected suppliers, as well as water testing and water care maintenance,” said Nick.
“Our aim is to work with BISHTA and specialist suppliers in the hot tub market to help promote best practices and highlight the latest launches of ‘business use’ domestic hot tubs that are most suitable for use within a business environment, such as the booming requirement of hot tub holiday accommodation hire on holiday parks, as well as lodges and cottages.
“The first issue sees the launch of our prestigious WhatSpa? Holiday Park Special Best Buy Awards for the hot tub holiday sector. Like their counterparts in our consumer magazines, we believe these special awards will enhance awareness of the product choice from respected manufacturers and thus help to increase the introduction of quality hot tubs to this flourishing market.”
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