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TN to Weigh Custody Dispute Between Foster Family and Father
Check out this article about a custody dispute between a biological father and the foster family that cared for the man’s daughter while he was incarcerated. The case has recently returned to Tennessee, where the foster family has filed a petition to terminate the father’s parental rights. A state court must now consider the father’s rights, the best interests of the child and the potential issue of abandonment during the father’s incarceration.

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Fathers’ Rights Gaining More Attention
Years ago, women were almost always granted custody of their children during a divorce case. Times have changed, however, and now more men than ever before are being awarded primary physical custody of their kids. Read this article to find out why more single-fathers are raising their children and why the court system feels like many kids are better off with their fathers.

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How Age and Finances Affect Divorce
Residents of Knoxville should read here about the realities of how finances and age may impact their chances of getting #divorced. Some people assert that as the economy rebounds, the #divorce rate will climb. Additionally, the rate of #gray divorce has risen significantly in recent decades and brings with it special concerns to couples.
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