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Dana, Patricia and Me at Google Talks, sharing some fun, serious, and silly background stories about the film "Batkid Begins".

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1,007,074 Views Batkid Begins trailer views in 21 hrs... Totally nuts. So damn excited that Warner Bros Pictures are sharing our story far and wide... And hoping this excitement and interest will lead to this movie getting a wider and wider release. Can a movie change the world?? Not exactly. But people watching this movie might change this world, using this beautifully crafted, honest, passionate movie as a little extra inspiration...

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Israel Day 3: Yad Vashem and Mahane Yehuda Market
6/15/2014 Israel Day 3: Yad Vashem and Mahane Yehuda Market This morning started off gloriously after a full 8hr sleep. After so many big trips this year, we're starting to get the hang of shaking jet-lag as soon as possible! We started with a nice breakfas...

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Israel Day 1-2: Welcomed with open arms, and lots of food
6/13/2014-6/14/2013 Israel Day 1-2: Welcomed with open arms, and lots of food And off I go, on my first ever trip to Israel!!!!!!!!!!!! I always thought I would visit someday, never knew when it would be. And, low and behold, the day is here! It's so wild t...

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Don't worry Mom, I won't do this bike ride
I've been getting more into downhill/"XC" mountain biking over the last few years, and while I absolutely am keen to keep both wheels on the ground most of the time, it sure is amazing to see someone pushing themselves to the absolute upper limit of this sp...

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GoPro 4 Release Video
This is freakin' incredible. The quality these camera are able to capture the world in is truly stunning.

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...And 7 hours later, we'd built a playground in Oakland
Last Friday, I joined forces with many of my Disney-company counterparts from ABC7 News, Disney Store, Lucasfilm, Disney Interactive and more around
the Bay Area to build a "dream playground" for the kids of the Millsmont
neighbourhood in Oakland, CA. Tha...

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200,000 pageviews?!?!
Holy moly. When I started this blog in 2005 as a way to send pictures to family and friends who were interested in my work term and travel in California, who knew I would keep it going this long and over this many years so many strangers would swing by this...

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Batkid Begins interview for Business Insider (Extended)
Wow, the last week of press for Batkid Begins has been epic! It's great to see the story coming up in the news and people remembering how affecting the day was. Good times. :) Business Insider posted an excellent article based on an interview I did with the...
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