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Lorin Olsen
Tech-savvy cyclist and bon vivant from the US heartland
Tech-savvy cyclist and bon vivant from the US heartland


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"There's a total lack of transparency. We want to shine a light on the dark corners of the internet..."

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Let me start with a little background. I was a Ted Cruz supporter during the primary season. And I've been a Constitutional conservative and a Republican since 1980. And after Ted Cruz's speech, I can tell you one thing: Ted Cruz didn't do himself any favors. More importantly, the Donald Trump supporters didn't do any favors for their candidate, either.

They didn't enthusiastically embrace the full-throated endorsement speech from Governor Pence. The Pence speech should have been the hallmark to which all other speeches should have adhered. And the floor supporters should have ignored Ted Cruz and focused upon Trump/Pence. But all they could focus upon was the apparent "sleight" that they had received from Ted Cruz. Yes, Ted was petulant. But that's nothing new. And for some of us, that's why we like him. Instead, the floor focused upon petulance and a juvenile school team mentality. Folks, this isn't the Beach Boys. We don't have to be true to our school - especially when our school has so fundamentally changed. Do I care about higher education? Yes, I do. Do I don a skirt and grab pom-poms in support of Trump High? I do not.

Bottom line: Ted stumbled. The Trump delegates erupted into pandemonium. No one recognized the real audience: the American people. And I'm sure that the American people were disgusted with what they saw.

P.S.: At this moment, I will not be voting for Donald Trump. And I most certainly will not be voting for Hillary Clinton. I will be voting for principled conservatives up and down the ticket. While some might be hoping for Donald to lose, I just hope for justice. That means, I want Hillary out of the race. The politically motivated members of the Justice Department, the FBI, and the IRS have all proven to us why we need a SMALLER government. I will vote for those candidate that commit to reducing the power of Washington. If no such Presidential candidate arises during the general election, then I will refrain from making a selection on those ballot sections.

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I figured it out. Ugh.

After a day of meticulously stepping through a rebuild, I now have a fully functional phone. And I figured out the problem. WiFi Calling wasn't working because it was being blocked.

Apparently, my firewall and my privacy manager were both blocking the Phone app (and its system components) from registering on the network and from sending bits across the network. Once I rewrote my firewall rules and my XPrivacy settings, I got everything to work.
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I was having a number of problems with the new TMo S7E engineering image. But because I had done so much customization on top of it, I didn't know where I introduced the error. So I wiped the phone out and rebuilt it. Now, the big problems are gone. But I have an altogether unfamiliar icon in my notification tray.

Does any one know from where the highlighted icon comes?


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Why Was Tyndale Murdered?

When Tyndale published his English translation of the Bible in 1526, he put himself at extreme risk. "He did this in an era when the English Catholic church had in effect a law that made it a crime punishable by death to translate the Bible into English." If you don't believe that this was a real threat, I need only remind you that in 1519, the Catholic church had murdered a woman and six men for teaching their children English versions of the Lord’s Prayer, the Ten Commandments and the Apostles’ Creed. And that Tyndale (at age 42) was strangled and then burned at the stake for the heresies of translating the Bible into English and questioning the authority of the pope and the established church. The Catholic Church was so set upon ensuring that Tyndale's translation was destroyed that on two separate occasions, they bought as many copies of the translation as they could and then set them on fire. Yes, book burning was a thing even in England.

Why would Tyndale embark on such a dangerous effort? He highlights this in The Obedience of a Christian Man (available at Amazon @ You can also download the book in PDF form from a variety of online sources. And I would point you to two articles about the book: one a fantastic summary of Tyndale's polemic ( and the other an article about the polemics between Tyndale and More (

If you want to read why the man felt honor bound to translate the Bible into the vernacular, then I urge you to read his treatise about the necessity of vernacular translations. Only then should we discuss whether translating the Bible into the vernacular is heretical.

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The AP agrees with the FBI: Secretary Clinton misled the public and investigators.

Her email system is undeniably unlawful. And her attempts to hide that fact are undeniably conscious choices. Was the establishment of the server willful? Of course it was. There is ample evidence of this fact. However, there might be some disagreement about intent among loyal Democrats. However a reasonable citizen would probably consider the willful hiding of a broken vase to be sufficient grounds for judging that a child is acting deceitfully (and intentionally).

Regardless, the statue doesn't even require 'intent' to be proven. In short, this situation is the perfect example of why an investigation by independent counsel is often necessary. And Comey's behavior/decision is grounds for possible sanction.
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