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This is a simple look with much capability. Nova launcher with an analog clock wallpaper. I will post the exactly apps/widgets used from my phone.
Posting from my ts.
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Good find
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Eshetie Liku

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I am not sure If this has been addressed this yet, but...

one can receive a minor electric shock if trying to keep watch charged while tying to hit the power button (If you have to ask why... you must a patient person).

I will show what launchers and other applications that I have found to make this watch useful if anyone is interested...
such as "hide it " ... does double the work I need it to. volume for audio is missing, this application takes care of it as well as hide any type of data one needs.
Please let me know, if anyone has addressed the metal case of the watch and the slight shock received when using it while charging?
Hide Pictures ,Videos, Applications, Messages , Calls in your phone. COMPLE...
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You can't feel a shock at 5V. And if something arcs, that is the shortest path; unless you are on one end of the arc, you won't even feel it. Paul knows what I'm talking about.

If you felt a shock, it means (with certainty) that:

• you're receiving more than 5V at your skin, and
• you're touching a ground path.

If #2 is not correct, then what you felt was an electrostatic discharge. The best way to accurately answer your question is to probe the surfaces with a voltmeter and see if a steady voltage is detected.

(Note, the USB has a ground path at pin 4)
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Wow... I'm sure this is going to turn out proper.
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That's pretty damn cool... Good work sir!
If Google IO has got you in the mood for messing with cutting edge technology (ahem), then why not try out the latest release of utter! Complete rebuild of the Engine so it's faster than ever, not to mention:

• Notification Announcements
• Wake-up-Phrase
• Driving mode
• GPS 
• NFC 
• Hot spot
• Airplane mode 
• Root enhancements 
• Google synthesised voice
• UI updated 
• Algorithms updated 
• Flash light 
• Keyboard
• Orientation
• Headset support (Honeycomb) 
• External support enhanced

Ok, I mentioned them.... Get it whilst it's HOT!
Welcome to the BETA release of utter! Your offline voice controlled persona...
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Eshetie Liku

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The website did not time stamp this article, but it is very concerning... Almost every school I've attended uses dell. talk about being institutionalized.
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Thanks for the correction. seemed like a hard way about doing what software can accomplish.
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I chose the black background simply because I was not sure. But this is windows 8 launcher. It works. +lokifish
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Not much sleep lately. 
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Eshetie Liku

Questions  - 
Saw this and thought to share in case some have not seen some of these concepts. Clean designs.
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Regardless of how omate changes....the mofo 360 nails it if it can show notifications from a phone from most apps and maybe some Google search. omate is neat with the developers' work but they face a serious challenge from Google. 
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Any suggestions:
I have not been able to use the wifi at home or my housemates access point. When I am at school or walking around downtown... I seem to catch wifi signals all around me(duh-downtown).
any idea way there is not an option to join a hidden wap2 (has anyone tried connecting to a hidden network?). or the houses access point with less security.
I just used +Lokifish Marz "root and security patch" to no avail, yet, I am hoping to just download the play store at school when I wake up because I am not doing something right.
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my smartq smart watch will connect to all other wifi routers except for the one in my house. i just got the house one a month ago. 
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Eshetie Liku

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From watching the movie "max headroom"...
Good song.
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I missed it the first try by that much... Try, try again...
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Too Tall Tay Telling Tails of Two Text To Trick Timed Thinkers...
_how to pronounce my name_
now say it 5x fast...

yessiree bob...

There is always something to brag about but allow me to just say, I am a simple man, seeking to learn from anyone willing to teach knowledge/wisdom/technique. 
I am intuitive about having fun, there is not a single place, where I can not find someway of having fun... 
"I am not here to challenge you, simply to contribute"
Do not ask me if I play basketball, unless it is a challenge.

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