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Giovanni Gallardo
I once held the record for the youngest man alive.
I once held the record for the youngest man alive.


Can someone give me the NotoColorEmoji.ttf file from Android P? I usually go full-time developer preview on the second update but the Nexus 6P doesn't get it so I at least want the emojis.

So my Nexus 6P keeps restarting it of nowhere. Sometimes it's restart and go to the part that says ‘Google’ but never make it to the dots and just keeps going off and back to ‘Google’. At that point I have to leave it off for a while and then I can turn it back on.

Kind of another weird thing is that I have to put in the swipe code thing before it even starts up. It gets to the dots, asks me for the code, says ‘Staring Android…’, then does the dots again and goes straight to the home screen.

If anyone happens to know how to fix it please let me know. It's hard knowing you can't even rely on your phone to stay on.

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So I guess there's some mandatory Christmas update?

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