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Question on basic formatting.

First some context:
So I've been using the *"Loopy Planning" tags, but I prefer to sometimes format them to stand out, when there are a lot of 'loopy plans' in one block of text.

So I've done *"{b|Loopy Title}" and that works just fine.

Unfortunately, when I go to repeat the same text, the 'auto-populate' capitalizes the first letter automatically, rendering the formatting null. EXAMPLE: autocomplete shows "{B|Loopy Title}", so whenever I auto-populate it the formatting doesn't happen. I've tried some work-arounds with less success. EXAMPLE: {b|"Loopy Title"}, except it doesn't auto-populate the text because the | is too close to the *, so I end up doing {b| *"Loopy Title"} with a space between | and *.

Now, the question:
All in all this has been much more of a time-waster than I would like, and wondering if there's a better way to do this?

Thank you!

For those that read this: How's it going? Seriously?
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I had a dream that Marge Simpson from the Simpsons went aboard a psionic telescope, meant to reach out to further galaxies than any other type of signal...
Marge was apparently so powerful that she contacted Jean Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise. The Borg, also found that signal, and traced it back to Marge Simpson.
Luckily Goku and the Z Warriors were ready for this threat at were doing wonderfully at holding back the Borg. Goku's Kamehameha was more powerful than the Borg could shield from.
Unfortunately, during the banquet that was held on the psionic space telescope (did I mention it was in space?), one borg converts Goku to Borg.
Things were rapidly going to go downhill, until a very jealous Vegeta took matters into his own hands. He started battling Goku, hoping Goku's transformation might shed the robotic nanites that were converting him.
Goku charged up, hair beginning to change to that golden glow when (alarm clock, cat, and baby woke me).
Now I'll never know how it ends.

#Goku #Dreams #Simpsons #StarTrek #TNG #Borg
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I'm working at Carman Chrysler!
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Today is about finding my footing, my stability. How can I fly if I am not first grounded?
(Cheesy, Zen-ish thing that's supposed to sound profound. Honestly though I mean what I said)
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"Believe It!" Anime Club is now on Google+! ... YARR!
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