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Is there a hangouts for Gamehole con? Would love to get in if there is.

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We did our first playtest last night. Didnt quite finish up "never swallow the worm," but will finish up next week. So far so good.
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RIP Ma and Pa Bigginty. You raised a handful of.. large children before marauding adventurers broke into your home and brutally murdered everything in sight.

Just wondering who all will be at Gamehole Con already tonight? I will be rolling in kind of late and am wondering if anybody wants to get a game going. I should be there by 10 at the latest.

I have been planning to run a high level DCC game for Gamehole Con this coming november. I havent submitted anything yet and have considered running it off the books. Then I had an alcohol induced conversation about it with a buddy of mine and we came up with a pretty wild idea that I would like to get some feedback on.

Firstly, we decided it would be a blast to try to run it as a 9th level "funnel" style tournament. Do you guys think this could work? I really do, and already have basic layouts for most of the encounters.

Second, is there significant enough interest to run this type of game? It would require quite a few people to work well.

Lastly, is it too late? Game registration has already been open for a bit and some people may already have full schedules.

Mostly I want to run a high level game, funnel or not. I know people that have played or run such games are few and far between so it seems plausible that people may want to try it out. I know I sure do.

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Found a couple goodies at one of the local shops. Didn't even know these existed. So excited to read them later tonight.

Wow I haven't been on G+ much for the last 2 or 3 weeks. Truth is I got really freaking sick which led to surgery so I haven't really touched my computer or phone too much. Despite my ailments, there have been some great moments and evenings, including a couple of great games run my a good friend of mine.

My campaign has been on hold for a little while now. In the meantime we have been well occupied with some board games, Gary Con, and a new campaign by one of my players who decided he wanted to dabble a little in judging DCC.

We started a quick home brew funnel where everyone died. Many giant spiders were burned in a pool of lava but their numbers proved to great. Rather than do another funnel we all started out at lvl 1 and ran through tower of the black pearl.

The adventure was awesome. When we finally confronted Quen and his men, we dispatched his men with ease but couldn't get a hit on the pirate himself. Finally, with the numbers against him he escaped us and waited for us to do the rest of the work for him. He waited for us to grab the pearl and as the tower was flooding jumped us on the stairs where we couldn't use our numbers against him quite as well. With the water rising below us we still seemed helpless against him. Nobody could hit him until the thief blew a bunch of luck. Finally a hurled dagger whiffed harmlessly past Quen only to bounce back of the stairs and stab him through the back of the head. In the end it was a quick escape. We only lost one character and our vile nasty wizard took Sezrikan as a patron.

From there we found ourself on Zadabad.

Hey, everyone. Gamehole Con is coming up in November and I believe pre registration for games is almost done. That being the case I figured I could promote my game a little because I could use a few more players.

The Jewler that Dealt in Stardust (4 hrs) Friday 8pm-Midnight

Role Playing Game  |  Dungeon Crawl Classics  | 4 of 6 Seats Left
Newcomers Welcome  | All Ages (6+)  | $4.00

Presented By : Michael Thompson

Boss Ogo has gone missing! If the rumors are true, his shop is loaded with jewels and gems just ripe for the taking. Can a group of skilled thieves infiltrate the infamous front and make away with great fortune? Or maybe nothing but death awaits those foolish enough to try. This is a third level module released by Goodman Games. Characters will be provided... they will all be thieves.

Hey, everybody. I have been wondering, has anybody ever ran Dealer who dealt in stardust with a group of all thieves? I'm curious how well it would work. I think it says right in the adventure that it would work just fine. I ran it with a normal group a while back and it was great. Just curious as to what everyone's thoughts are.

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I opened my valentines day present early. She bought my pass to Gary Con!
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