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Jonathan Roseland
The inventor of the most clever cocktail toast ever
The inventor of the most clever cocktail toast ever

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New #Biohacker Testimonial:
"I got the Rhodiola Rosea today, from lost empire, and I can honestly say the effects have been dramatic after one cup of 500mg. My stress literally started melting away, my anxiety, all of it. It felt like my brain was washed of all the negatives be influences in my mind. I'm feeling stimulated with a strong sense of clarity. I've noticed a few minor headache like symptoms, but they usually last less then a minute. I'm actually engaging in conversations right now without a sense of retreating. I'll give you more of an update after a week and when I'm not driving, just felt compelled to write you thanking you for that advice."

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New Biohacker Review:
Unlike a lot of #Biohackers I found it downright demotivational every time I took it. I didn't experience any of the really undesirable side effects I've heard others describer.

Order Nefiracetam

Meta Analysis of Nefiracetam

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Based upon +50 private interviews I’ve conducted with different Biohackers around the world, I estimate that approximately a 3rd of Biohackers who take ‪‎Modafinil‬ are disappointed in some dimension of it. They tell me things like…
The effect lasts TOO long! I can’t sleep.
The tolerance curve is steep.
If I take it more than two or three times a week it stops working.
I get headaches after just a few hours.
I get brain fog.
It’s effect is unpredictable.
It’s over stimulating and I end up worrying about petty things.

The other two thirds of Modafinil users kickass and run the world…

Literally. Former President of the United States Barrack Obama used it.
I fall into the later group. I’m lucky in that Modafinil measures up to the hyperbole for me. So I know what it’s supposed to feel like and I’ve experimented and tweaked a Racetam formula that duplicates it for me and the approximately 50 people in my beta user group:

This consistently provides a Modafinilesque effect but with about 25 key differences, which this infographic illustrates…

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"To anyone who stays abreast of wide social trends, it’s increasingly obvious that the world is rapidly becoming a worse place for those of lower and average intelligence."

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New Podcast/Article:
I feel it’s necessary to add conclusion to this, somewhat bipolar, presentation on this drug. The cognitive enhancement benefits of this drug are nothing special or unique in the Nootropic world and the potential downsides seem to be significant…
Birth defects
So if you are an otherwise healthy person, looking to supplement your badassery in life, I think you can probably get the same results from less risky smart drugs. However, if you are an older person facing the dire spectre of cognitive decline this drug family, Centrophenoxine in particular, is well worth your consideration. Are the possible negative side effects of these drugs going to be worse than the certain cognitive decline of your faculties? Doubtful.

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This is "pharmaceutical grade" Bacopa.
I put it in quotation marks because there's really not such a thing as pharmaceutical grade herbs and Adaptogens, but I use the phrase because it's know to mean of the highest quality and purity. This is super important with Bacopa in particular. You'll really want to read or listen to my meta analysis of Bacopa before purchasing or consuming this.

As I explain in my meta analysis of Bacopa, you really need to take it for months reap the performance enhancement benefits and my supply was only about a month's worth. So I really don't have anything notable to report as far as classic Nootropic effects.

Bacopa does regulate dopamine down which I find tranquilizing, I consider Bacopa an alternative to red strains of Kratom. So I'll enjoy some Bacopa tea in the evening before bed while I'm doing some reading or whatever.

A lot of people complain about it's taste, which is a bit bitter but really did not bother me that much. It's kind of earthy like Kratom or other Adaptogenics herbs I've made teas out of.

A negative: Intellimeds does not double bag it's powdered Nootropics, which is annoying as you are getting to the bottom of your bag. Inevitably you'll dump your powder on your desk, your laptop or your clothes. Kind of annoying. One day I mistakenly dumped about 2 grams Bacopa in my tea, which is quiet a mega dose, it was not an outstandingly negative or positive effect. Double bag your supplements Intellimeds!

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One of my subscribers just bought me this book. Thanks Luke!
I look forward to reading and reviewing it!

If anyone else has some credit just burning a hole in their pockets and wants to buy me books here's my wishlist

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New Podcast:
How to (NOT) Waste Money on Personal Development
The story of how I met the disciple of the most hated man in the world is illustrative of how to (NOT) spend money on personal development. I had just arrived in an exotic, new (to me!) city...

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New Meta Analysis #Biohacker Podcast
The benefits it offers, if used alone are not unique to it as a Nootropic; if you are looking for a memory and cognition enhancer that helps with anxiety there are a lot better options that work a whole lot faster than the few weeks to 3 months that Bacopa does. I think it's worth attention as an anti-aging preventative measure for treating neural inflammation and as a neuroprotective agent but it will remain pretty far from the top of list of Nootropics that I recommend to young people. For otherwise healthy Biohackers Bacopa's real value as a performance enhancer is in stacking it other Nutraceuticals.

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