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Annabel B
Just another model crying over lack of chocolate
Just another model crying over lack of chocolate

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Instagram Diary: Part Fifteen
Miss Baby Roll Mascara | Matching makeup | Best of Maybelline | Arundel Castle | Easter Basket | Homesense fun | Strawberries to counteract the Easter chocolate | Floral pretties | Creme Egg Brownies I like blogging, it teaches you a lot. Well at least for ...

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L'Oreal Paris Miss Baby Roll Mascara
If you can walk into Boots, Superdrug or something similar, without buying mascara please can you tell me how? I seem to lack any sort of self control. The latest addition? The  L'Oreal Paris Miss Baby Roll Mascara  (£7.99) . It's new, its L'Oreal, its volu...

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Products I can’t leave
  It doesn't how adventurous I'm feeling, or how many offers are on, there are some products I can't leave alone and I will always fall back to, quite often in a time of utter makeup need. I am guessing this is more to do with myself and being stuck in my w...

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The only two Maybelline mascaras you should pick up
Maybelline for me is one of the 'worse' makeup stands, as there is just so much choice when faced with buying on of their mascaras. Often I panic and just pick up the one they are promoting which i more than likely their newest, and not always their best. S...

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Instagram Diary: Part Fourteen
Ballet Prancing | Maltesers that mean I never have to leave home | Cream duo heaven | Sunday Pick Me ups | Chocolate the size of my head | Subtle Leopard Print | Jo Malone Heaven | Lindt does champagne well | Not a bad photobomber |  Well, I forgot how hard...

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The Glow Getters
My face and skin tone has not been treated nicely by this winter, I don't think I could lack any more of glow if I tried. Sigh. I look a little bit too flat and dull for my liking. I do like to look alive and I can survive without much face colour, but my s...

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The best £1 I have ever spent
Coming from someone who is a Poundland fan (yes I know), this blog title is a huge statement for me to make. Anyone who is a Poundland fan knows how much fun it can be, and I have spent many a good (and not so good) £1 in there. However, I did not think I w...

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Blog posts I have been reading
Photo: Haute Chocolate Before I took my slightly longer than planned absence from blogging, I used to love doing these posts. In fact, it was a challenge for me not to make every single blog post a 'look what I have been using as procrastinating reading' ty...

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The Unglamorous Beauty
I had to choose this picture as she looks how I feel when I have to look at some of the unpretty makeup items in this post. A this is saying something I love the colour grey, yet these grey tubs just are the most unglamorous things to put on my dressing tab...

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Fizzy drinks are my weakness so not doubt I would love these!

Annabel ♥
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