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For the last few months I have been on an adventure that is changing and transforming my thought process. I am still not sure of the final outcome but I know where it has brought me as of today. I have shared little bits and pieces of it before but would li...

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Change of Direction
A couple of weeks ago I shared with you what I felt led to pray for my life and for the Church. It was mostly Paul's prayers for the believer in Ephesians 1-3. As I started praying these things consistently, God started speaking about some things more clear...

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An Unexpected Turn
For two weeks I had little to do but rest. There were a few small tasks but not much to keep me busy. The first week was Holy Week and we do not have any teams. The next week was the group from His Hands. They go to the school to get all of the sponsorship ...

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A Challenge
This is not a usual post but rather a challenge foor me that I am asking others to join me in. I am going to pray the following verses from Ephesians for myself personally for the next 30 days and as they become more a reality in my life I am going to pray ...

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Even in the Tough Times
I have been having a hard time trying to figure out what to write this week. We spent the last week helping The Oasis staff and a medical team from Texas with a medical clinic in Zapote. It was a difficult week for many. Normally this group was led by the t...

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When Life Gets Busy
It has been a busy month around here. We have had a team of women come and begin the dialogue about ending a culture of violence against women and children. We had our friends from Ohio and Pennsylvania come and help us get started on the construction of th...

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What Does It All Mean?
Many of you may be wondering about the name change of the blog and what I mean when I talk about the Father's love. We are all called to love so how is this love any different than what we already know, or is it? Even as I write this, I have had to think th...

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Praying for 2017
Dear family and
friends,                 Many
of you have seen the change to my blog page. Last year I changed the title of the
blog to “Papa Jorge.” I have not become a father but I felt like the change was
necessary. The title comes from a word that a man...

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Looking Ahead
Last week I shared with you a look at what we were able to do in 2016 and hopefully was able to give you a glimpse into the projects that we are working on from Iglesia Galilea. It was a very good, productive and busy year. Because so many people came, work...

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A Video Review of 2016
This year was a very busy year at Galilea. We had 14 teams, built houses in 6 Zapote and also 3 others in Zorzoya, Escuintla, and Magdelena. We built about 20 stoves also. Our teams chipped up the cracked concrete floors in Zapote and tiled the school. They...
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