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Myra Hope Eskridge
Harper/poet daylighting as an IT Consultant for a big university.
Harper/poet daylighting as an IT Consultant for a big university.

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Hello, everyone!

Do you know a rock-star Tier One support person, ideally in Higher Ed IT, who is ready to move up? I'd love to talk to them.

Actually, Harvard Business School would love to talk to them. But if the candidate gets to me first, I can speed the conversation along.

For more information about the posting, go here:

Search for Auto req ID: 40380BR

My team provides business systems analysis support for the applications that support the academic calendar. We triage, answer, and escalate Tier Two tickets, and also serve as SMEs to projects and partners.

For more information about the actual job, feel free to email me at


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Johanna and I, as ALEMBIC, are playing a set at the Somerville Armory next Saturday night. It's going to be lots of fun. Would you care to come hear us?

Our fledgling G+ page is here:

I will add MP3s and lyrics and whatnot to the site as we come up with recordings. 

Johanna and I have been playing together for three years now, weaving our musical styles together into arrangements for violin and folk harp. We play a mix: topical/mystical folk songs by us and our friends; covers of Dave Carter, John Fleagle, and Mazer Rakham, among many others; middle-eastern and Renaissance tunes. We're both inveterate noodlers, too, and can improv around a theme like nobody's business. 

Come hear us play! And then take a crack at writing a promo one-liner of what our music sounds like. :)

[Public, crossposted to the FB Bardic Arts group.]

This note was sparked in part by the recently-published outline of this year's East Kingdom King's and Queen's Bardic Champions event, and in part by a conversation with dear friends last night about SCA culture. 

What constitutes an "SCA Theme"?

The competition outline for the Kings and Queen's Bardic Champions event asks each competitor to perform at least one work "written on an SCA theme". Later, the outline states: 

"For this competition, an 'SCA theme' may be broadly interpreted as any work written about SCA persons, events, or culture, and does not require documentation."

We have received a few questions asking for clarification on what kind of works might be categorized as "SCA Themed".  

To clarify:

Master Grim and I are asking competitors to bring a piece whose subject matter is the modern SCA. It could be song about a particular King, a poem about a tournament or battle, a riddle about feast dish ingredients, a story about a particularly stormy Pennsic, etc.. The spirit of the rule is to celebrate the Modern Middle Ages with work which you or another SCAdian have written about us.

On that note: keep in mind that you, yourself, do not have to author the piece you perform. You can pick from any other bard's work, if you wish (and within that performer's restrictions on their own work) and there is an enormous corpus to choose from. A hilarious song about sketchy event feasts… a story, in skaldic verse, about a drunk berserker at Pennsic who jammed a brooch into his own bare chest and proceeded to flirt heavily with several women… a hauntingly beautiful song about an inspiring SCAdian individual… 

If you have questions about something you would like to perform, please do not hesitate to email me. 

Have fun!
Maistre Lucien de Pontivy
Queen's Bard of the East

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Hello, all! I'm Lucien de Pontivy, and I play harp, sing, and write poetry in Carolingia, in the East Kingdom. :)

I'm issuing a polite challenge to performers attending the Market Day at Birka:

(crossposted to several places)

In the spirit of friendly inducement, enabling, and in recognition of the sometimes need for an external deadline, AND for the prize of a token:

Accompany yourself on a musical instrument. Sing, play, recite poetry, or tell a story for which you, yourself, play the background music or rhythm. Harp, drum, citole, guitar, spoons, hurdy-gurdy... play! Take the opportunity to rehearse for the Bardic Circle on Saturday evening -- or simply announce that you are meeting my challenge when you perform at the Circle. Enjoy yourself!

I will give a small shiny token of appreciation to everyone answering the challenge at Birka. Drop me a line at, if you're interested or have any questions.


Your servant,
Lucien de Pontivy

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